Aquarius Food and Health

Aquarians lead exciting lives as they seek truth through adventure and new experiences. They are at once both shy and eccentric. They are excellent problem solvers, as they revel in a good debate. They are also known to reside in their own imagination.

Aquarius Health

Aquarians are generally very healthy people, as they pay attention to their body and also enjoy a good bout of physical exercise – whether it’s a solo activity like road cycling or a team sport such as basketball. As Aquarians make it their goal to challenge preconceived ideas, Aquarians are often practitioners  of alternative therapies and opposed to cosmetic companies that conduct animal testing.

Aquarians houses are often light and spacious, which is great for freeing the mind and allowing positive energy into the home. Aquarians love a good debate, as well testing themselves with new experiences. It’s often these mental challenges that provide the necessary mental stimulation for Aquarians to maintain a positive mental attitude.

The zodiac sign of Aquarius rules the circulatory system and the ankles of the body. Understandably, in times of stress and uncertainty, these areas of the body are susceptible to injury and problems. Telltale signs of emotional imbalance are aching joints and lethargy.

Aquarius Food

Aquarians are lovers of food and always want to try new dishes from far off destinations. The social aspects of eating fascinate an Aquarian just as much as the food. Aquarians also love to create things with their hands, and cooking allows creative expression, whilst allowing them to provide for loved ones. Aquarians aren’t known for their sweet tooth and instead much prefer snacking on nuts and fruit – which is great news.

The cell salt most beneficial for Aquarians is Sodium Chloride, which is considered to aid the circulatory system. Foods with contain a higher percentage of this salt are fresh fruit, seasonal vegetables, lentils, buckwheat and wholegrain products, lean white and red meat, seafood and low fat dairy produce.