Aries Food and Health

The Ram is a busy individual who doesn’t stop for even a second. Whether they’re arranging a party or starting a new business venture, they’re rarely stood in one place long enough for weeds to grow under their feet.

Aries Health

Because Aries people are continually on the go, they’re brains are always working on solving new challenges. Often Aries people are described as having wavering enthusiasm – but this is because they’ve literately exhausted themselves and need to rest.

Aries sign rules the head of the body. This includes the brain, the eyes and sinuses. Being a sensitive place, Aries people can often experience headaches, blocked sinuses, tired eyes and even migraines. It’s important that Aries people are aware of their sensitive spots and take appropriate precautions to prevent pain and discomfort. Not over working their brains will certainly help, as will wearing wooly hats when it’s cold and having an umbrella for when it rains. If the eyes are feeling particularly strained then booking an appointment with an optician will be a good idea.

Aries Food

Since Aries people are always on the go, many reach for sugary or carbohydrate snacks as a source of energy. Whilst these no doubt quench the sweet tooth or the urge for something fatty, they are not good for their health – especially in regards to unwanted weight gain.

The cell salt Potassium Phosphate is considered to be the most beneficial salt for an Aries.  It has the ability to rejuvenate brain cells whilst also keeping the liver nice and healthy.  So the next time you or an Aries friend is feeling down, reach for a nutritious snack containing Potassium Phosphate. And what foods contain this salt? I hear you ask. You’ll be surprised to hear it’s in many every day foods including: dried fruit, beans – such as kidney and lima beans, vegetables including broccoli and Brussels sprouts, veal or other lean red meat, and sea food.