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Possible characteristics of an Aries child

Just as Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac, it is likely that your child would also like to come first at the things that they do. Your child will probably be courageous and enthusiastic, with a positive outlook on life. They may like doing fun stuff (as most kids do) and going on adventures. They might despise being bored and love being entertained. A child born under Aries reacts quickly to situations, and likely expects others to do the same.

It is important to note that the exact characteristics of your child (and how strong each characteristic is), will very much depend on the position of both the moon and other planets when your child was born.

As a parent you might need to help your child see that they need to assess risk before rushing into a situation, as they are likely to rush into situations without thinking. You can start helping them to assess risk from a very young age. Your child will probably enjoy getting exercise. On a different note, giving them small targets to aim for will help to bring out their competitive streak.

You are likely to be impressed at the speed which your child can do things – this is a common trait of Arians. However, you might have to teach them that some things can’t be rushed, particularly when they get older and start falling in love!

Health and Eating

Many people born with the Aries star sign tend to have bundles of energy. Raw foods may be of benefit, reflecting their fresh energy. Faces and heads are the part of the body associated with this star sign. Arians have been known to have problems around their faces and their heads. For this reason, some of them are affected by headaches and problems round the nose, more specifically the sinuses. Aries people can suffer from very bad headaches when they are stressed, and many of them have problems with blocked sinuses. They can also suffer from problems with the mouth and even baldness.

Please note: The following is NOT professional dietary advice.

In the right quantities, potassium is very important to the body. Arians are often found not to have enough of this nutrient. It can be found in many foods such as bananas, apricots, beans, broccoli, olives, onions, lentils, walnuts, veal and swordfish; to name a few. People can feel down if they do not have a sufficient amount of potassium in their system.