Aries Money Advice

As Aries is a fire sign, people who are born under this star sign tend to have a slightly unusual relationship with money. Just like a fire rarely burns at the same rate for a long time, people burn under Aries rarely have a steady flow of income at all times. Sometimes they might have money in abundance, whereas other times they will not have much at all. This means that many Arians take a ‘relaxed’ approach to money, particularly the cash that they have in their hands.

However, this ‘relaxed’ approach to money should not be misconstrued as an inability to look after money. In fact, Arians can certainly handle their finances, it’s just that the subject of money is not usually the most important thing on their minds. Additionally, it is unlikely that they will keep their cash neatly in their purses or wallets.

Arians tend to like using credit cards because they are quick, easy and instant. Although they are generally not the most frivolous spenders, it sometimes takes them a while to learn to curb their spending. Foreign currency is often even more annoying, because people with the Aries star sign are unfamiliar with that currency. Small coins (in both native and foreign currencies) can really get on their nerves.

Financially, Arians are usually very effective negotiators. They usually have more will power than the other person, meaning that the other person is likely to give in and drop their price because they are fed up with the negotiation! Arians’ competitive natures helps them to come out as the winner.

As people born under this sign are not always the most patient, Arians are usually not the best savers. It’s not that they don’t have the money, rather that they don’t like the idea of not being able to access their money for x amount of time. They’d rather pay in as much as they want when they want. If the investment doesn’t have this flexibility, Arians will quickly grow impatient.

A person with the Aries star sign has an interesting approach to financial partnerships. Although they like (and usually need) a partner with a different sign who is more careful and risk-averse, Arians are not happy if the other person is trying to control the finances too much. The partnerships can be effective if there is a mutual respect between both parties.