Cancer Food and Health

Cancers are deeply emotional people, whilst also being fun loving and a source of entertainment - when they come out from under their shell, that is. Yet, often their behavior can leave people feeling confused, making them one of the most enigmatic signs in the zodiac.

Cancer Health

The Crab is an imaginative creature, as well as being an intuitive thinker. Often he or she will delight in hypothetical questions and adventures of the imagination rather than pragmatic questions. If the Crab is denied this time to think and reflect, he or she will start to feel out balance.

 The cancer sign rules the breast – externally, and internally – the digestive system. Because of this, during periods of stress or emotional upheaval, the Cancerian could suffer from chest pains or an upset stomach. Whilst prescribed medicine is always good, these discomforts can be a physical manifestation of an anxious or over thinking mind, which will disappear once they’re thinking clearly again.

Cancer Food

The Crab delights in a wide variety of cuisines; perhaps it has something to do with being a creature of the Seven Seas. The Crab also enjoys sugary and chocolaty snacks, which is okay once in a while, but an over consumption can lead to weight problems and stomach upset.

The cell salt most beneficial to Cancers is Calcium Fluoride, which is considered to be good for both muscle and ligament strength. Incorporating foods that are high in this salt won’t be a problem for this unfussy eater. Try adding seasonal vegetables, such as cauliflower and asparagus, into the diet, along with dairy products, fresh fruit, mixed nuts and seeds, and seafood.