Cancer Money Advice

Cancerians take their financial security very seriously. Once they have learnt how to effectively handle their finances (this is generally done by observing other people from a young age), they become quite financially independent. It is almost unheard of for a Cancerian not to have a sufficient amount of money, as a lack of money can cause them to feel really stressed.

In terms of carrying cash, most Cancerians aren’t too worried about carrying large amounts of money but will usually have a little money in case they need it. Cancerians tend to cherish most of the things in their lives. Therefore, money is cherished more for its sentimental value than its actual monetary value. They are sometimes mistaken as being ‘tight’, when in reality it is the memory and sentimentality associated with the money that is important, rather than the money itself.

Cancerians tend to be good savers because they place great importance on having something for a ‘rainy day’. They are uncomfortable at the thought of carrying lots of money, so regularly turn to banks to store their money. However, they are cautious about who they trust and expect the bank to look after every pound that is put away. Something that might seem strange to other signs is that Cancerians like to get the exact same money back that they put in because of the sentimental value of their own money. However, it takes them a little while to understand that this is near impossible.

Getting a good price is important to a Cancerian, as is quality. This can sometimes be a difficult trade-off. They are usually interested in acquiring or buying second hand goods that have been looked after well by the previous owner. Although they are generally excellent at spotting bargains, if an item is not good quality they probably won’t be interested in it.

Cancerians are often ideal as financial partners because they have good attention to detail and find it easy to stick to budgets. They have a very unusual approach to bargaining. They sometimes see an item and start deciding in their own mind whether they need the product or not. The seller often mistakes this quiet thought for the Cancerian being unhappy about the price, and therefore drops the price without the need for negotiation. However, a Cancerian’s bargaining skills should not be underestimated; they are good at standing their ground.