Capricorn Food and Health

The goat is a homely creature yet with a streak of independence. There’s nothing pretentious about a methodical Capricorn. Instead, the Goat is humble and a hard worker. Life is as simple or as complex as they decide to make it.

Capricorn Health

Capricorns are generally very healthy people, as they’re continually at work – either at the office or at home putting up shelves. In fact, a Capricorn wouldn’t have it any other way. They love to get involved and get their hands dirty. Because they’re naturally inclined to take on challenges others wouldn’t even consider, they’re fit and capable of taking a few knocks here and there.

The zodiac sign of Capricorn rules the bones and the teeth of the body, ensuring  Capricorns are feeling strong and healthy, yet if they’re small world becomes stressful and overwhelmed – which can happen – they’re prone to feeling weak and susceptible to pain and bruising.

Capricorns enjoy a good bout of laughter and are well known to love a good debate, so stimulating conversation, friends and humour are the best ways to help keep the mind active and to encourage a positive outlook on life

Capricorn Food

Capricorns have a healthy appetite and aren’t known to turn up their noses at much. Because they’re generally so active, they often need to snack throughout the day, but always reaching for the chocolate tin is a bad idea. Whilst many can burn off the calories, too much of a good thing is certainly bad. Instead, nutritious cereal bars, dried fruit and mixed nuts can provide all the energy they need, whilst staying ultra healthy.

Capricorns often view eating a perfunctory activity and they’re not known for their adventurous cooking either – at least not without good reason. The cell salt most beneficial for Capricorns is Calcium Phosphate, which is considered to be good for strengthening bones and teeth. The following food contain this helpful salt: Dairy produce, seeds – especially sesame, carrots, mixed nuts, leafy greens, and dried herbs.