Capricorn Money Advice

Most Capricorns like to leave a mark. Financially they do this by amassing a substantial amount of wealth and leaving a legacy by reaching impressive leadership positions. They are often willing to take risks in their quest to reach the top. However, Capricorns remain independent, and rarely require help or assistance from others. They are focussed and responsible, and don’t expect to have anything handed to them; Capricorns know that they have to work hard for their money. If they received a windfall, they would invest it and spend it wisely.

Capricorns certainly enjoy having money. More specifically, they enjoy having cash. It helps them to feel secure. Although they don’t mind using a card, the feeling of having enough cash in their pocket is far better. In terms of bank notes, they like their money to be crisp, new and high value. A Capricorn will probably favour a fifty pound note over a twenty pound note. Coins are looked after, but only because enough coins can be exchanged for a note!

Some people see Capricorns as being tight, but this is normally an incorrect judgement. In reality, they are just careful about what they choose to purchase. Quality of an item is very important. They don’t like to buy items from shops that are not long-established in case there is a problem with the item and they need to bring it back. Capricorns love long-lasting, quality goods that they can keep in good condition for a long time.

Patient and determined, many Capricorns make great negotiators. They have an almost natural understanding that negotiations are both necessary and important on the road to striking a mutually beneficial deal. Even when they are under significant pressure and have very limited time, a Capricorn will often continue to slowly work towards a deal. They want to come to a fair deal in a civil way. Capricorns like doing repeat business and therefore try to avoid upsetting or offending the other party.

Saving is another thing that comes quite natural to a Capricorn. In fact, it could be said that they prefer to save instead of spend. They like the security of having money there ‘should they need it’. They are happy to have long-term investments that they can regularly pay into. It’s probably not surprising that the prudent Capricorn can make an excellent financial partner; they’re even open to taking the occasional calculated risk!