Gemini Money Advice

People born under the Gemini star sign generally like to have informed opinions on various topics. Therefore, when they take an interest in finance, they tend to gather as much information as possible so that they become very knowledgeable. The main pleasure that a Gemini derives from having money is that they can use it to gather information about products and services. They tend to disregard coinage because they see it as insignificant. On the contrary, they feel that paper currency brings a great deal of opportunity, so they treat paper currency with much more care.

Speaking of notes, Gemini’s generally appreciate colourful, interesting banknotes. Additionally, they have no problem dealing with foreign currency because most Gemini’s enjoy the mental calculations involved in working out how much they are paying in their own currency. They tend not to favour credit cards but will use them if necessary. They much prefer handling cash. Additionally, they might not have full control of their credit card spending; the ‘realness’ of cash makes it much easier to manage.

It’s perhaps not surprising that Gemini’s are not only good savers, but are also very interested in different savings schemes and interest rates. You will usually find that a Gemini has several different savings accounts, not because they are particularly fussed about security, but more because they are interested in rates and can compare each savings account to the others. They usually ‘chase the best investment’ and regularly move their money around. Savings accounts with long-term rewards help to ensure that their money stays in one place.

As with many of the other signs, a financial partnership with a Gemini is heavily based upon a mutual respect between all partners. Gemini’s are sometimes put off by too much commitment, and it is important that the other partner remains mindful of this throughout the partnership. They could be ‘difficult’ financial partners because their minds tend to be in several different places at once. This means that they are not necessarily the best bookkeepers.

Gemini’s tend to be easily distracted. They like ease and short-term dealings with high rewards. People born under the Gemini star sign often over-spend in the constant quest for fresh new information. A combination of being easily distracting and having a thirst for knowledge can often prove expensive, particularly when they are always looking for ‘the next best thing’. Concentration and focus will help to improve their financial situations.