Leo Money Advice

Leos have never been the shy kind, and the same goes for their finances. They see themselves as extremely valuable. For this reason they believe that they deserve the best, and often buy items that are obviously valuable – and have the price tag to go with it! Leos are often extremely annoyed when they cannot afford an item that they want.

Due to a Leo’s love of ‘finer’ things and generosity to others, they’re normally not the best at handling finances. They like to be extravagant, even when their bank account is telling them otherwise. A Leo’s sense of style applies to practically everything in their lives, including where they store their money. They like to have a nice wallet or purse and want their wallets or purses to be full of crisp, clean banknotes and shiny coins. Scruffy stuff is most unwelcome!

As a fire sign, many Leo’s have very strong impulses. If they see something that they want, they can very quickly get ‘tunnel vision’ and prioritise obtaining that item over everything else. It could be said that they are quite stubborn. A Leo can sometimes be a ‘salesman’s dream’ because their desire for the item is usually much stronger than the need for a bargain. Surprisingly, this doesn’t bother them, they are far more bothered about getting the item than saving money.

Pride is very important to a Leo. They generally despise owing people money. However, they are far less worried about having debt on credit cards – probably because it feels far less personal and other people are unlikely to find out about that type of debt. Leos are rarely far away from their credit limit!

Leos tend to only look at the short-term picture. Although they can be good savers, if the ‘rewards’ require a long wait, it’s unlikely that they’ll sustain interest for long enough. Financial professionals will usually struggle to convince them to look at the larger picture. On the other hand, Leos can be very good at budgeting, although it might not come naturally. A good structure and a bit of discipline could lead to them saving every month.

Leos benefit greatly from structure and routine. They can make good financial partners providing that each partner understands the other. For example, as Leos have a tendency to overspend, a shrewd business partner might struggle to embrace their extravagancy. Spending extra can pay off but can also have dire consequences if things don’t go to plan.