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Possible characteristics of a Libra child

Libra is the seventh sign in the Zodiac and is an air sign. You might find that your Libra child is more understanding and less critical than many of the other signs. This is because fairness is very important to a Libra. You may also see that your child is very open-minded from a young age, open to new ideas and new people.

Libran children also tend to like things that are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, and they will probably favour style and grace over thrill and excitement. You could also begin to see your young child’s artistic side come to the fore. They may enjoy painting and drawing and/or looking at paintings and drawings.

As your child grows up you could start to see them starting to look like a leader. In fact, many Librans become leaders because leadership is something that comes quite naturally to them. They are often good at making decisions but generally don’t like to make decisions that are unpopular. If channelled in the correct way, this can be an extremely positive thing because they try to look at the ‘entire picture’ and understanding the consequences of their decisions before they are made. 

It is important to note that the exact characteristics of your child (and how strong each characteristic is), will very much depend on the position of both the moon and other planets when your child was born.

Health and Eating

The body parts most affected by Librans are the back and the kidneys. For this reason, they can get pain in the back and problems with the kidneys. The back and the kidneys are two essential parts in the body, and a person’s life can be made very uncomfortable if one of them is not functioning properly. When a Libran is stressed, he or she can get pain in the lower back. The role of the kidneys is to filter waste out of the body. For this reason, a balanced diet is essential.

Please note: The following is NOT professional dietary advice.

Sodium phosphate helps the body to get rid of waste and toxins. This is particularly important for Libras. Some foods that are naturally rich in Sodium Phosphate include: fruits such as raisins, strawberries and apples, vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach and carrots, wheat, seafood and low fat dairy products. Drinking plenty of water will help to keep the kidneys working healthy.