Libra Money Advice

Compared to the other signs of the Zodiac, those born under Libra have quite a unique approach to money. They are usually not too keen on cash, especially if it is dirty and uninteresting. Additionally, they generally like to store their cash in a nice, clean, fresh wallet. Despite all of this, you might be surprised to hear that many Librans are in fact good at looking after their own finances, they just don’t find handling cash very appealing.

In ways those born under the Libra star sign can be seen as being ‘people of extremes’, and they can certainly experience extremes of emotion. For example, having a less than steady stream of income can put them on an ‘emotional rollercoaster’. Generally, Librans get a firmer handle on their finances as they get older, primarily because they want to avoid the stress caused by financial problems.

Refinement is another key characteristic of a Libran. Therefore, they can often see bartering to be ‘below’ them because it is not always done in the nicest of settings. They are likely to walk away from aggressive bartering or financial negotiations. Although they are quite competitive, Librans care greatly about having a good public image and will not get into any sort of debate that draws attention to them.

Although Librans can be good savers, they are almost always working towards a new purchase! This means that they rarely have large savings accounts. They are often chasing some sort of luxurious item that they strongly believe will improve their lives in some way, shape or form. Librans are very good at spending money in their head, even when they are short of cash. Even large sums of money have already been spent in their minds!

It is generally imaginative and interesting savings accounts that appear interesting to Librans, particularly saving accounts and investments that have financial penalties for early withdrawal. Not being able to withdraw their savings as and when they please will help them to become good savers. In terms of choosing a bank, Librans like banks that are clean and welcoming. They place great importance on relationships. If a member of staff makes a special effort to build a relationship with this person, the Libran is much more likely to save with that bank.

Many Librans are highly creative and can therefore make excellent financial partners, providing they have someone who knows how to bring their creativity into fruition. However, they do need a partner who will help keep them focused and help keep their ‘eyes on the prize’.