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Possible characteristics of a Pisces child

Pisces is the twelfth sign in the Zodiac and its element is water. When your Piscean child is born you might view them as vulnerable and cuddly, which they are. However, a tendency of some parents of Piscean children is too overprotect them from a very young age, which can limit their abilities to see the world and experience things for themselves. Remember, that they are fragile but also need a bit of freedom, ‘watching from a distance’ might be a good idea.

From a young age, you may start to notice that your Piscean child is sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions. If there has been a disagreement in the house, a Piscean child will often pick up on it. These children tend to like lots of attention and affection, but now and again like their own thinking time. As they begin to get older, you could see their love of music really start to come to the fore.

Even by the time they are a toddler, your Piscean child might already seem quite intuitive. They will continue to become much more intuitive over the next few years. They are also quite interested in imagination and fantasy, and, if harnessed in the correct way, this can help them to explore their personality and develop their self-confidence. Speaking of confidence, this may be an issue for Piscean children. 

It is important to note that the exact characteristics of your child (and how strong each characteristic is), will very much depend on the position of both the moon and other planets when your child was born.

Health and Eating

The body parts associated with Pisces are the feet and the toes (sometimes known as the lower extremities). As Neptune and Jupiter rule this sign, it is also associated with the mucous membranes. Pisceans should choose their footwear carefully as they can be susceptible to problems with their feet. However, if they wear the appropriate footwear they can normally avoid problems. With regards to the mucous membranes, some Pisceans get flus, colds and similar viruses more than others.

Please note: The following is NOT professional dietary advice.

The food substance particularly important to Pisceans is iron. A sufficient amount of iron is essential for many bodily processes involving blood, glands and the heart. Foods that are naturally rich in iron (ferrum phosphate) include: fruits such as apples, dates, grapes, prunes and raisins, vegetables such as lettuce and spinach, nuts, liver, chicken, egg yolks, natural cheese and oysters.