Taurus Money Advice

Taureans are generally good at handling money. They like to feel financially secure at all times. For this reason they spend carefully but are appreciative of their earnings and what their earnings can buy them. Taureans treat physical money well and always like to keep it in order by knowing how much cash they have on them. They pay special attention to loose change and would rather pay with change than part with notes.

It’s probably not surprising that Taureans are not frivolous with their money. They usually spend a bit of time and do a bit of research before purchasing an item, and some of them have to be feeling ‘that way out’ before they go shopping. You will often find that a Taurean has saved up the money for a significant purchase. They aren’t big users of credit if they can help it, and therefore try to avoid loans and credit cards wherever possible.

Taureans actually have a reputation for being one of the best bankers out of all the zodiac signs. It seems to be something that comes naturally to them. That being said, they usually prefer the more traditional banking methods. New technologies may require an ‘adjustment period’, but if it will help them to better manage their finances, Taureans will learn to use that technology. It’s rare to find someone born under Taurus with a bad credit rating, as they know how to ‘balance the books’.

Generally, foreign currency is not a problem for a Taurean. They tend to adjust to new currencies with ease. However, the weight and appearance of coins and notes is very important to them. They place a great deal of significance upon currency ‘looking the part’ and not feeling flimsy. Taureans may decide to use a credit card if they go somewhere where one unit of currency is much smaller than one unit of currency in their own country.

Although financial security is very important to a Taurean, they are great appreciators and often do not mind spending money on entertainment and eating out. With regards to security and investment, Taureans tend to love the property market because investing in property is usually much lower-risk than many other investments. They also like the idea of working towards owing their own home.

As you might expect, Taureans are usually very good financial partners because they are so sensible. However, partnering with someone like an Aries might allow them to be a little more frivolous at times. Taureans generally don’t negotiate at all; if you’re not willing to accept their price, the transaction probably won’t take place!