Virgo Food and Health

Virgos are calm and loving people, who selflessly put others before themselves. Empathic and incredibaly warm hearted, everyone wants to be friends with Virgos – and understandably so! Their methodical approach means not a single stone is left unturned, making them excellent organisers.

Virgo Health

Because Virgos are always striving to help others, they spend a lot time thinking about how others experience the world. They also have an unwavering dedication to their own family, friends and teammates. It isn’t a surprise that the zodiac sign of Virgo rules the nervous system. In periods of stress they can often feel emotionally overwhelmed and anxious. Often when someone gives themselves so selflessly to others, they in turn need some on to watch out for them.

Virgos benefit from regular exercise as it allows them to focus on an activity completely different to their everyday tasks; and many Virgos are naturally good at team sports, since they work tirelessly work for their teammates. Music and other creative activities are also good ways for Virgos to forget about their anxieties. 

Virgo Food

Virgos love their food, and they certainly have their favorites - in fact, so much so they’ll won’t try something new. Virgos might not be the best cooks, and if they’re only cooking for themselves, they’ll likely resort to an easy option; however when they’re cooking for friends or family they’ll really pull out the stops. Cooking, to them, is another way of providing for loved ones.

The cell salt most beneficial for Virgos is Potassium Sulphate, which is thought to naturally regulate oils moving through the body’s system. This helps both digestion and encourages toxins to be excreted through the skin.  Food groups such as whole wheat products are high in Potassium Sulphate, as well as nuts, fresh fruit, seasonal greens and honey.