Virgo Money Advice

A structured routine is very important to a Virgo, and the same goes for their finances. Many of them see great potential when they look at cash and appreciate the fact that it has a variety of different uses. They normally keep their money in order by keeping notes that have different values separate. Most Virgos won’t ‘mix’ money and will always keep different currencies separate from each other.

Virgos can be accused of making things look worse than they actually are – both to themselves and to others. They have a tendency to do this with their finances as well, which can cause stress to the people around them. Most of the time, the reality of the matter isn’t as serious as the Virgo has made out, and once they calm themselves down they can regain control of the situation and start to rectify it.

A Virgo’s approach to handling credit cards could be described as cautious. A credit card is not their first choice, although they will sometimes use one. Amazingly, many Virgos budget for their occasional frivolity, and will happily make sacrifices until their bank balance is ‘out of the red’. When they do owe money on their credit cards, they know exactly how much and who they owe it to. It can definitely be said that Virgos generally ‘keep a handle on their finances’.

From the information above you might be thinking that a Virgo would make an excellent financial partner. However, you’d probably be wrong. Lots of Virgos tend to get ‘hung up’ on the small details and really struggle to look further. Although their patience can be seen as a positive thing, it may also be a problem if they are prepared to wait too long and are content with making very small progress. Virgos may also be too fussy for some business partners.

Virgos are often great negotiators. They like to have all of the facts (or as many as possible) before entering into a negotiation. This can make it very difficult for the other party to ‘stand their ground’, particularly if they are underprepared. Additionally, negotiations with a Virgo rarely last a long time because they are very conscious of saving time. The source of information also matters to a Virgo. If they are working in a job, say as a financial analyst, they will usually like to have information confirmed or told to them by someone that they know and trust.