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Aquarius Horoscope January 20th 2019

People close to you may get a bit of a shock when you suggest something that seems a bit ‘out there’ to them but has been on your mind for a while. You might even be impressed by how people have reacted to your idea. You could be asking people to see you in a completely different way, but make sure you are serious before you say too much!

Aquarius Horoscope January 19th 2019

You might be feeling significantly more dramatic than usual. Your dramatic side may really come to the fore if someone asks you to help them with their love life. You could even be feeling in the mood for fun and frolics. Furthermore, your ‘speculating’ side might be back with a vengeance. This may lead you to invest in something big, but you’re convinced it’s a bargain. The investment may well change your financial situation in the long-run.

Aquarius Horoscope January 18th 2019

Panic might be setting in if a deadline is fast approaching but you still have things to finish. You could feel like you are making a decision without really being ready. This may be because you have to sort out finances or a new project has arisen. Perhaps you’ll have to contact a ‘place of education’ as part of your ‘to do’ list.

Aquarius Horoscope January 17th 2019

You might be unsure of what exactly is motivating someone you know. Maybe you think they are pursuing you in one form or another. How you respond to being ‘pursued’ will depend on your mood; you could feel flattered or overwhelmed. Speaking of your mood, you may have severe mood swings today. Perhaps this is because you have so much creativity but have not yet found an appropriate way to express it.

Aquarius Horoscope January 16th 2019

Your big mouth could land you in trouble, so be sure to keep it under control! If you have any sensitive information, make sure you trust the person who you’re revealing it to! More importantly, someone you know may be gossiping a great deal, as well as taking liberties with your finances and maybe even your emotions. On a positive note, an expert could teach you something really useful that you will soon be able to put into use in your own job, impressing those around you.

Aquarius Horoscope January 15th 2019

Someone you know could be moving house and have hit a large obstacle. They may require your help, support and advice. You might need to make changes in your own home; maybe some wires need to be tidied up or an improvement to a phone system. A chat with a neighbour could leave you thinking about the security of your home.

Aquarius Horoscope January 14th 2019

Today is a good day to start re-charging the batteries. A colleague may seem to have a fresh perspective on life, and this could inspire you to create a list about what you want to achieve in the coming months. You and your colleague might even plan to do something adventurous together. Someone in charge of a project may make a decision relating to creativity that you don’t agree with, and it is possible that you start questioning their overall decision-making ability.