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Aquarius Horoscope May 25th 2020

You may struggle to remain diplomatic if someone younger than yourself is doing everything in their power to protect their interests. Convincing them to ‘loosen the grip’ could require you to be more persuasive than ever. A ‘showdown’ might occur, putting a big strain on your relationship. Perhaps you are distracted by a family issue, meaning that you are less tactful than normal.

Aquarius Horoscope May 24th 2020

Today you could feel like an experienced detective, asking increasingly insightful and probing questions throughout the day. Your investigative skills might really impress someone who always had slight doubts about your competency. Your analytical eye may really help you with your finances. It could also make you more romantically intuitive. You might even be better with words today, meaning you can ask someone about something that has been on your mind for a while.

Aquarius Horoscope May 23rd 2020

You might really empathise with the problems that someone close to you is experiencing, yet feel unable to offer them help. Perhaps this person needs both physical and emotional ‘support’. You could also be initially impressed but then annoyed by the efforts of a group of people to do ‘what is right’. Maybe you need some time alone with nothing but your own thoughts.

Aquarius Horoscope May 22nd 2020

Today it seems likely that you will have to go on a number of short journeys and meet lots of people in similar (working?) situations to yourself. An email exchange with someone who is visiting shortly may put a smile on your face. You might also be required to get some shopping for someone younger than yourself who can’t currently get to the shops. People around you could offer some help.

Aquarius Horoscope May 21st 2020

People may now want to hear your thoughts and opinions on a project that has just been completed. This might have come as a bit of a shock if you weren’t expecting it. With regards to your personal life, there could be a strong need to focus on someone close. Perhaps you’ll have to talk them out of embarking on a new adventure and tell them they need a break.

Aquarius Horoscope May 20th 2020

Today you’re new relationship zone is being prepared.

Aquarius Horoscope May 19th 2020

It could feel like people are playing jokes on you all day, and some won’t go down as well as others! It might seem as though someone is playing mental games, although they’re probably just trying to cheer you up. Your sense of humour (or lack thereof) will determine how the day pans out. On a separate note, you may meet friends of friends, and their outlook on life might interest you.