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Aquarius Horoscope March 24th 2019

It might suit you to take on additional responsibilities or help out someone who is older (a friend or relative). They may have underestimated your practical skills, and you could be just about to prove them wrong! Not only are you likely to confidently accept a challenge, you’ll also probably forge a friendship with one of the other signs. This friendship might be initiated by the fact that you both like to complement each other.

Aquarius Horoscope March 23rd 2019

You might be in the mood for something more formal and structured. You might prefer dealing with the family instead of confronting relationship issues. Two problems could arise today. Firstly, there may be a conflict of interest during a leisure activity with someone else. Secondly, that same person might make subtle hints that you are bad at something. Don’t take this the wrong way. You could resolve the situation by telling them that you are ready for the challenge!

Aquarius Horoscope March 22nd 2019

One of your colleagues may do something that you struggle to comprehend. However, a different colleague may settle a dispute through their humorous nature and determination to strike a deal. As an indirect result of their behaviour, your career position may strengthen as you demonstrate skills you appeared to lack last year.

Aquarius Horoscope March 21st 2019

Financial matters could be ‘bugging you’ and using up most of your ‘brain-power’. Maybe it’s time to take a little break! A picture (or pictures) of animals might really catch your attention. You could also get into conversation with an interesting person when you are near this picture; someone who usually keeps their ‘barriers up’ but is strangely attracted to you.

Aquarius Horoscope March 20th 2019

Panic might be setting in if a deadline is fast approaching but you still have things to finish. You could feel like you are making a decision without really being ready. This may be because you have to sort out finances or a new project has arisen. Perhaps you’ll have to contact a ‘place of education’ as part of your ‘to do’ list.

Aquarius Horoscope March 19th 2019

Although you don’t intend to implement your master-plan until next week, today seems like a good day to make final preparations and get ready for the efforts ahead. Your determination is likely to make you the centre of attention. You will find people drawn to you and your cause. However, your charisma and energy may well intimate others. Draw useful insights from everything. It’s better to know who you can rely upon now.

Aquarius Horoscope March 18th 2019

Today you could be in the mood for a small celebration, particularly if an old friend is ‘back on the scene’. Speaking of old, there may be a need to combine old and new friendships in some way. A person’s motivation might be different to what you originally thought; and you could spend a significant amount of your day thinking about this. If this is the case, their bank account may not reflect their intentions.