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Aquarius Horoscope July 22nd 2019

There could be a turning point in your life today – either with a relationship or pastime. It might be time to become more committed in your love life; you and your partner may even decide to work towards buying something big. With regards to your pastime, it could be time to think about what to do next – do you call it a day or increase your commitment and continue on? A few friends may give you sound advice and encouragement.

Aquarius Horoscope July 21st 2019

It’ll probably be an interesting couple of days. Things that may be lost or misplaced could be replaced in other ways. If you lose something today, you might find it tomorrow. Think efficiency and cuts. Removing clutter and streamlining your operations should bring many advantages. ON a slightly different level, someone who is less emotionally attached to objects could help you.

Aquarius Horoscope July 20th 2019

Your memory could be put through its paces today, as someone comes to you with a problem. You may have been hoping for a quiet day to plough through your own work but people have a different plan. Meanwhile, there could be significant developments in your domestic life as a close friend or family member delivers an important piece of news. Plans you had for the upcoming week could be affected by it, so you’ll need to flexible

Aquarius Horoscope July 19th 2019

You might be stuck in the middle of friends with very different views, unsure of who you are inclined to follow. Additionally, you may find it difficult to communicate with someone or get to where you want to go. This could cause a little distress. You might have a deep conversation with a fussy person, which could increase the mutual respect. This person may want you to play the diplomat.

Aquarius Horoscope July 18th 2019

Either in your personal life or your business life, someone close might receive good news. You may have to mix the old with the new to solve an existing problem before you can focus on anyone else’s success. You may have to show an older person that it is sometimes better to use newer methods.

Aquarius Horoscope July 17th 2019

Everyone possesses a ‘selective memory’, choosing what they remember and what they want to forget. This is sometimes used as a coping mechanism. It may be beneficial to have a good memory today, though it might not be easy to recall things. A good memory will help you if you are sitting some kind of test. Someone that you studied with may really catch your attention when talking about an event from the past. It’s possible you’ll want to meet and discuss this interesting memory with them.

Aquarius Horoscope July 16th 2019

Your ruling planet and Jupiter are at opposite ends of the sky. This could make you feel ready to take a big step. This might involve moving away from a person in your life. Or, it may be flying to a faraway country later in the year. It is most probable that today will involve a financial decision – if you can afford to live without a certain good or service.