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Aquarius Horoscope May 13th 2021

Today is all about your friendships with others, and what activities you can do together that won’t break the bank. You might make some good long-term plans between you. However, although everything may seem fine on the surface, there could be a slightly negative undercurrent. If this happens, your normal personality may struggle to deal with the situation. You might have to look at things more objectively.

Aquarius Horoscope May 12th 2021

You might be picking up a different vibe from some of your friends, but maybe that’s because your head is somewhere else. Something from your past may come into the fore; and there is a chance that you have to watch someone else closely. You could spend all day trying to work out what motivates someone else. Additionally, you may also have your own finances on the mind, and solutions might not be coming easily. Whilst visiting a place with little lighting in the evening, you might discover something interesting.

Aquarius Horoscope May 11th 2021

A friend who is more senior in their years might ask you about your long term goals. This could rekindle your ambitious spirit. You may start thinking about your own future much more – what you want in life, what partnerships you want to form and what your romantic life will hold. Your desire for the finer things may come to the fore, as well as an eye for deals on the internet.

Aquarius Horoscope May 10th 2021

You might spend too much money a nice garment of clothing. Your marketing mind and communications skills could be very prominent today, meaning you are good at bringing a potential project into fruition. There may be a bit of fuel added to the fire of romance. Maybe look at your signature today – look into Feng Shui signature techniques if you get a minute.

Aquarius Horoscope May 9th 2021

Surroundings may leave you feeling disoriented. More specifically, it will be smells, sounds and colours that throw you off. However, being in these surroundings could lead you to meet someone new. Your sense of humour might be similar. You may want to meet up with someone who is planning a flying visit to the area in which you live or work. Additionally, you might join a team of people who are working towards a shared goal.

Aquarius Horoscope May 8th 2021

You may be getting better at something in your life, and taking it more seriously. One way or another, you might have to act as a parent today. Today could be a day for dressing to impress by taking a risk in your clothing and wearing something a little out of the ordinary. Working with several other people could rekindle your love of teamwork.

Aquarius Horoscope May 7th 2021

You might feel drained on several levels. Your main priority may be to let others know that you are in a very deep and contemplative mood. You could also want someone else to show you that they will go to the same lengths for you as you have for them. All of these factors might cause you to be in a volatile mood. Try to open up to your humorous side.