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Cancer Horoscope February 19th 2020

You might be stuck in the middle of friends with very different views, unsure of who you are inclined to follow. Additionally, you may find it difficult to communicate with someone or get to where you want to go. This could cause a little distress. You might have a deep conversation with a fussy person, which could increase the mutual respect. This person may want you to play the diplomat.

Cancer Horoscope February 18th 2020

You could wish you had an extra phone to talk to all the people that you need to contact today. Think positively and try to remain calm when it comes to multi-tasking (something you’ll probably have to do a great deal of). On a slightly different level, some of the people around you might be unusually emotional, which may pull your attention away from the tasks at hand. A few books might catch your eye if you take a trip to the bookshop; the visit could even set the scene for developing a new friendship.

Cancer Horoscope February 17th 2020

Chaotic life at home demands an unusual amount of attention - even though you’ve set aside this time for yourself. It might seem like you can’t find a spare minute. You’ve already rescheduled this break a number of times. Plans for a short holiday may need to be rearranged. Even though it’s frustrating, you might need to put your plans on hold so you can care for others. But don’t worry - your efforts won’t go unnoticed.

Cancer Horoscope February 16th 2020

You may be working at a dizzying pace this week. Jobs which could have been completed over the past month are now a matter of urgency. You could find people asking questions about your ability to complete the job. Don’t worry about asking for help. A friend, family member or even a neighbour might be able to help. Use your skills to delegate tasks appropriately. Utilise peoples’ talents. Make the most of the experience and always try to learn. This could help you discover a new career path that’s more suitable for you.

Cancer Horoscope February 15th 2020

It’s possible that a list of questions you’ve complied – most likely regarding an upcoming event - has made a number of individuals worried they’ve let you down. Whilst you are after the best possible work, your pursuit makes others feel inadequate. When the moon is full (16.16 GMT) the possible breakdown of relationships will be most evident. As you are a sensitive person, your stress could become expressed through your hand writing.

Cancer Horoscope February 14th 2020

Today there seems to be mischief and mayhem everywhere. It could feel like nothing is going to plan. However, everything seems to be done in good humour, which makes it all tolerable, and even comical at times. This evening will likely be indulgent, revolving round some kind of party.

Cancer Horoscope February 13th 2020

Two different friends could play a major role today. One of them is an idealist, whilst the other is super-focussed. Both appear to have picked up on your desire to make alterations in the home that will positively impact your business – maybe something to do with an office in your home? However, the main priority of the day could be planning a surprise for the near future.