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Cancer Horoscope October 15th 2021

Today it may feel like several of your co-workers have got different notions in their heads and run away with them. It is likely that their arguments are flawed, and most of what they are talking isn’t making much sense. It could be your responsibility to pick their arguments apart. The main reason that their plans are flawed is probably because they have made wrong calculations when it comes to costs. Additionally, transport costs may have gone up, which may cause other problems to arise. On a more positive note, you could find out about a course that would be of great benefit to you.

Cancer Horoscope October 14th 2021

Some of the people you know may have big ideas which seem a little unrealistic to you, but you might find it hard to convince them of this. You might not even try. Your input into a marketing project could be invaluable. Your more artistic friends may want your artistic input in some of their projects. You might even be able to reignite the spark in their love lives, and it’s possible they’ll do the same for you.

Cancer Horoscope October 13th 2021

It seems likely that your patience will really be tested today if you have to both look over facts and figures and also wait for other people involved to ‘cool down’. On the positive side, celebrations may be just round the corner. However, you might first be ‘required’ to have a ‘heart-to-heart’ with a friend so that you can both highlight what is not working in the friendship.

Cancer Horoscope October 12th 2021

A person who is close to you may have finally revealed what they were thinking, prompting you both to start making joint plans and even decide on what to do tonight. It might be hard to choose the best outcome, as each of you could want to do different things. Perhaps it’s up to you to make the extra effort and ‘strike a balance’.

Cancer Horoscope October 11th 2021

Someone’s slightly misled you on a financial matter. Maybe you were told that an interest rate was lower. Your friends are starting to discover that you’re good at revealing the truth. Today you’re persistent and tenacious, and this is making you stand out in a group.

Cancer Horoscope October 10th 2021

Today you could be on the brink of sealing a deal; although the other party may be more reluctant and want another 24 hours to think about it. Importantly, a style that you haven’t really noticed before might really catch your eye. The next step will be telling people who are interested why you are taking something in a certain direction. A few of the people around you could really struggle to understand why you have made certain decisions.

Cancer Horoscope October 9th 2021

There could be some important developments in one (or more) of your relationships, probably caused by the fact that you’re ‘calling the shots’. This might cause your extravagant side to come to the fore, which may lead you to believe that you need expensive things in order to be happy (a shopping trip could be very expensive!). However, romance is likely to be the key theme of the day – and flirtation might be reciprocated!