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Cancer Horoscope August 12th 2022

Not putting enough thought into something may put you in deep water. You might even upset a person you know well. On a more positive note, you could reignite some of your passions and have meaningful discussions. Your artistic side may come out if you decide to change the way that your house is decorated. This will be brought on by a new outlook on life.

Cancer Horoscope August 11th 2022

It’s likely you feel the need to get stuck into something, maybe DIY? There may be an opportunity to better your relationship with someone older. On a slightly different level, you might be able to strengthen an existing partnership. You could be planning; this will likely include planning menus and looking at your diary. You’re probably a great organiser deep down, maybe you should try to do it more regularly!

Cancer Horoscope August 10th 2022

Perhaps you got a big bite from the ‘love-bug’ within the last couple of weeks. Today you might really see the symptoms! This may change what you choose to wear; in particular your choice of colours and fragrances – you could be in the mood to attract a bit of attention. Your position in a group might change, and this may be because of connections that you have.

Cancer Horoscope August 9th 2022

The current state of your finances could suggest a few problems up ahead, which could be linked to a recent expenditure. You may realise that a relationship you thought was stable is actually going through a phase of transition. By discussing the situation you may discover you have very different perspectives on your relationship. This could be the source of much humor whilst equally it could be upsetting. For you, the possibility of having to reorganise your belongings could be an unneeded chore.

Cancer Horoscope August 8th 2022

You could be feeling childlike and extremely creative simultaneously. In a way those two characteristics go hand-in-hand. This might be shown in terms of your fashion sense. You may already own a piece of clothing that is made out of natural material, and today you’re looking for something a little different to go with it. On a completely separate note, your intuition and perceptiveness might show you that two people would work together effectively. It could be your job to introduce them to each other.

Cancer Horoscope August 7th 2022

You might find it difficult to meet somebody’s set of expectations. Maybe you’re reading into it too much. You could be left confused by silences. You may be captivated by a piece of electrical equipment, and it might even seem like a tempting ‘investment’. The biggest distraction of the day could come from someone in the family who does something that you didn’t think they were capable of.

Cancer Horoscope August 6th 2022

Continue to keep an open door policy even when that means a few stray creep in. Contact with people not in your usual circle is possible when you keep an open mind. They could be very beneficial to you and your future plans. However, you may be preoccupied with more immediate issues such as money. In these unsteady times finances are vulnerable, so talking to a partner or someone you can trust could be reassuring and important.