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Cancer Horoscope September 17th 2020

You could have two conflicting schools of thought – within the confines of your own head. On the one hand you may be living in the past whilst the other is desperate for new adventure. Another internal conflict might be happening, a conflict between being childlike and growing up. One side wants to have fun whilst the other wants to grow up and face responsibilities. This may be visible from the outside, when you are torn between spending time with someone ‘crazy’ or someone who is sensible.

Cancer Horoscope September 16th 2020

More speed and less haste! A number of things might feel urgent, but be careful not to cause an accident whilst you rush around. Moving too quick could also lead to some other mistakes; be careful not to reveal any sensitive information. A friend who lives in another country may surprise you with some good news. You might have to go shopping to find them a gift.

Cancer Horoscope September 15th 2020

Something may cause a part of your past to come to the fore, and it seems likely that you’ll welcome ‘it’ with open arms! Perhaps it’s also a good day for planning an adventure and strengthening partnerships. A geographically distant place or person could bring some mystery. A partner might have spotted what they believe to be a sound investment.

Cancer Horoscope September 14th 2020

Today you may want to wear clothes that get you noticed. You might be showing people your latest holiday snaps or even re-living a special meal you had with someone close. You could have cause to celebrate, but you probably won’t find out the news until late in the day. The party may be noisy and lively, and it’s likely you’ll be tempted to over-eat and drink too much. Amidst all the celebrations, you might make a promise that is difficult to keep!

Cancer Horoscope September 13th 2020

It’s an important full moon today. The angle with Venus affects money relationships, and other factors in your life that interest you. You may be more courageous than ever and make some bold moves. This full moon emphasises communications, so you could use a variety of visual communication methods to get your point across. For example, you may combine emails with diagrams to really drive your point home.

Cancer Horoscope September 12th 2020

An important anniversary may have slipped your mind; but something or someone might remind you of it, just in the ‘nick of time’. Making sure the day is not spoilt could involve ‘thinking on your feet’. You might also enter into a deal of some kind, probably something property-related. Additionally, a relative who is younger than you could be in need of some sort of care or guidance. If for some reason you can’t provide it yourself, you may have to arrange for someone else to help out.

Cancer Horoscope September 11th 2020

You might experience a significant mood swing today. An issue close to home may be taking a great deal of time to be resolved. In your own mind this might be too long. This could put a strain on some of your relationships, particularly with people who are close to you. Having a bit of relaxation time (spa or something else therapeutic?) may help to put everything back in perspective.