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Cancer Horoscope July 22nd 2019

Although you’re probably feeling excitable, part of you might feel at home in your comfort zone. Your emotions could be all over the place. Don’t completely rely on others to make you happy. Nevertheless, speaking to someone who can help you look at things differently may help you to see things from another perspective.

Cancer Horoscope July 21st 2019

There could be reason for concern as someone close is over working themselves. Encouraging them to relax could be extremely difficult; seeing the situation from their perspective will be important. Whilst they’ll want your advice, they’ll equally benefit from good company and pleasant distractions. Travel arrangements might need to be made, which could make your day even busier; asking someone to share your workload could be necessary.

Cancer Horoscope July 20th 2019

You usually find quality items very attractive, but they often have a large price tag to accompany them. However, today you may be more shrewd, meaning you walk away from certain items and resist pressures to buy. Your (financially) sensible side might come to the fore. You’re unlikely to buy items that you don’t need or that you won’t use. That being said, a relative could cause you to incur quite a large expense, meaning that you have to talk to them about it.

Cancer Horoscope July 19th 2019

You may be letting your hair down and enjoying a much needed break from work. But don’t be too reckless - make sure you’re on top of your finances. Yet, even if money is a reason for concern, you may be distracted by a smaller but significant change in your domestic life. In this period of change try to focus on what is important to you – you may be surprised. A discussion with past friends of ex-collogues could lead to new and exciting opportunities.

Cancer Horoscope July 18th 2019

You might want to retreat back ‘into your own world’. This may involve taking some time out to spend by yourself, or only spending time with people that aren’t demanding or ‘high maintenance’. You could have a great idea brewing. You might also be distracted by people whose emotions seem relatively unstable at the moment. It’s likely that you’ll be able to empathise with them.

Cancer Horoscope July 17th 2019

Today you might feel like there are many things that you want. You may have a sporting event to attend today, and you’ll probably be there as a supporter. It could be a good idea to shout words of encouragement from the side. There might be a shopping trip in store, but you know exactly what you want and you don’t mess about browsing. A friend that you grew up with may ask you to help with something work related, or they may ask you to network for them.

Cancer Horoscope July 16th 2019

Someone could be judging you by a set of standards that you are very unfamiliar with. This might motivate you to find out more about these standards and why this person is judging you by them. On a more positive note, you may be slightly flattered when someone you know asks you to provide a reference for them. In terms of your personal life, perhaps you are unsure why someone close wants to visit a certain place.