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Cancer Horoscope November 30th 2020

Today you could be slightly irritated by the way that a relative handles cash. However, the main thing on your mind may be a long-planned trip that is happening in the not-so-distant future. You might have a conversation with a friend that puts both of you in the mood to embark upon a new adventure. Perhaps you’ll even ‘get the ball rolling’ on it.

Cancer Horoscope November 29th 2020

Your relationship with one of your co-workers may become strained today. Additionally, you may be disappointed with yourself because you didn’t stick to a financial limit you’d previously set. Today you’re feeling creative and intuitive, use this to your advantage – find solutions for any troubles you’ve got into. It might be a good day for listening, a couple of your friends could be able to offer sound advice and input.

Cancer Horoscope November 28th 2020

Someone with an authoritative role in your life may disagree with you on something. They might think that you are being stubborn or unrealistic. You could be thinking that they are a real kill-joy. It may seem like you are constantly picking at each other. On the plus side, you will be able to learn a great deal about how you express yourself.

Cancer Horoscope November 27th 2020

Although there are plenty of things to cause concern at home, a short break could be exactly what you need to relax and recharge those batteries ready for the challenges ahead. New experiences will broaden your horizons and you could find answers to your problems in the most unexpected places. A break with someone could be the perfect time to rebuild or further a relationship you're hoping will progress. If finances are looking healthier than they have for a long, perhaps today is time to make an investment.

Cancer Horoscope November 26th 2020

Your enthusiasm for taking responsibility and decision-making could really impress a few of the people around you. They probably won’t know that you have tuned into a different vibration, but you can see that the actions you are taking might help your financial situation. There may be drastic improvements to the relationships with some of your friends and co-workers.

Cancer Horoscope November 25th 2020

Your ability to plan ahead, perhaps for a holiday, could be held up until an organisation can give you a clearer picture. Despite the inconvenience, you may find yourself in a reflective mood. You could find yourself preoccupied by what seems to be an unrelated health issue. When you think about it, you may come to realise that the problem also stops you from doing things. Once a friend is informed, they might urgently take control of the situation and find you assistance.

Cancer Horoscope November 24th 2020

A deep emotional secret may be revealed, and it might not be anything to do with you, but you will hear about it. Some of the people around you could be a bit disappointed with your lack of knowledge about the newly revealed secret. You might beat a ‘personal best’ in the world of sports. Your mental performance is probably better than usual, which may work greatly in your favour if you have an exam to sit.