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Cancer Horoscope July 12th 2020

Today might feel like a bit of a ‘slow’ day with not much happening. However, it may be a good day for ‘showing’ others what you are capable of, but doing it in a subtle manner. It seems likely that your determination will polarise opinion. It could also be the ideal time to check who can think clearly and who is ‘on side’.

Cancer Horoscope July 11th 2020

A relationship with someone that you also share finances with might change, due to a new loan or the sale of an existing asset. Basically, today will probably involve you deciding exactly what you want and comparing it to the needs of your financial partner. Today you may feel like some of your ideas are being prematurely dismissed, which could annoy you. You might even say it to the other person.

Cancer Horoscope July 10th 2020

You could go into productivity overload if you are reminded that you are late on delivering something. There seems to be a particular need to demonstrate your competence to others. Additionally, there might be something unjust happening that is gaining an increasing amount of attention, and you are asked for your opinion. Don’t try to do too much. With so much on your mind, you may get a headache.

Cancer Horoscope July 9th 2020

A strong desire to spoil someone could be your emotional outlet. You might even want to spoil yourself. A break from the norm or engaging in anything that might expand your mind may well be a good call. Someone who is usually quite upright and proper could take a special interest in you today. They may be drawn in by your playfulness and creativity.

Cancer Horoscope July 8th 2020

Distractions are rife today; your mind seems to wonder in search for stimulation. Perhaps this is a sign that your curiosity needs fulfilling in a greater sense that instant gratification. Taking up a new hobby could be the answer. Contact with interesting people you haven’t met before is likely and new opportunities are likely to arise. Your financial situation could take a turn for the worse but there’s plenty to keep smiling about.

Cancer Horoscope July 7th 2020

The price of something could cause you some confusion. Additionally, you may want to know exactly what you will get for your money. As this probably won’t be very entertaining, you might have to look for interesting things to fill the rest of your day. Going to a friend’s house to resume your conversation about a hobby and possible trip around your hobby could prove to be interesting and promising.

Cancer Horoscope July 6th 2020

It could be very difficult to strike a deal today, and you might be bargaining all day! Going over the same point several times may annoy you. Your dwindling patience could reveal your fiery side. There might also be a few twists and turns in your love life. You may have made a passing comment that someone close really took to heart.