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Cancer Horoscope January 27th 2022

Someone you know might not quite be telling the truth or holding something back. This could cause a physical reaction in the form of a skin irritation. A partnership may be on the brink of falling apart due to some financial problems. You might struggle to keep your feelings about it bottled up. A relationship outside of work may need spicing up through a trip to somewhere serving hot (pungent) food.

Cancer Horoscope January 26th 2022

You might be feeling re-energised. Pair your new lease of energy with a list of things you want, and you could find yourself in some unusual situations. The number of people that want to speak to you individually may surprise you. Bouncing between romance and business might keep you busy for the day. Your style could make you stand out, and you’re likely to win ‘brownie points’ with others by being a good listener.

Cancer Horoscope January 25th 2022

It might be a day for stopping what you are doing and taking everything in. This could be related to your finances or even your emotions. You may receive news that causes you to think about your life. Today you likely to be rich in thoughts and feeling philosophical. Black could be an important colour today.

Cancer Horoscope January 24th 2022

Today you may want to wear clothes that get you noticed. You might be showing people your latest holiday snaps or even re-living a special meal you had with someone close. You could have cause to celebrate, but you probably won’t find out the news until late in the day. The party may be noisy and lively, and it’s likely you’ll be tempted to over-eat and drink too much. Amidst all the celebrations, you might make a promise that is difficult to keep!

Cancer Horoscope January 23rd 2022

Friends may always be in the back of your mind today. There could have been some big changes in the lives of some of your friends, and you’re questioning the compatibility of the group. One of your friends may share your concerns, but they got their concerns from a friend who is a natural worrier. Watching a movie could help to take your mind of this.

Cancer Horoscope January 22nd 2022

There could be three large issues today, all of which need addressing. First, an issue regarding your finances may mean that you need to speak to someone who is quite upset about something. Secondly, your health might be worrying you a little. Thirdly, someone’s morals and ethics could completely take you by surprise. By the time the day finishes, your perspective on all three of these issues might have changed.

Cancer Horoscope January 21st 2022

Today it is likely that you will be feeling strategic. Even better than this, your delivery is excellent. However, you might be accused of blowing your own trumpet. This extra attention you are giving yourself may help to iron out a couple of kinks! You could be gift-shopping when a previous desire or romance is rekindled. Then again, it could just be food for thought.