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Cancer Horoscope March 31st 2020

You may find that someone you know is going through a ‘crisis’ of sorts. It will probably be quite difficult to know what exactly you should say to them. It might involve doing a great amount of listening. You could also embark on some ‘wasted’ journeys, but perhaps they will give you an opportunity to have some much-needed thinking time.

Cancer Horoscope March 30th 2020

With finances being an issue, you might not have a choice but to work. On the other hand you may decide to sacrifice money so you can focus on your dream - which you hope will create financial abundance in the future. Both have their pros and cons and there’s no definite answer. Your friends and family will invariably have their opinions – and they’ll surely be conflicting too. In these emotional times, remember to stay calm and think rationally.

Cancer Horoscope March 29th 2020

You may find the simplest of tasks are made unnecessarily complicated by lengthy discussions, time zone differences, and ‘red tape’. This could clutter your day and test your patience, so try to remain focused and as well organised as possible. Don’t forget to plan effectively and be sure not to lose sight of your longer term objectives. You may find using your diary helpful and as well as asking a Libra friend for assistance.

Cancer Horoscope March 28th 2020

It’s likely you feel the need to get stuck into something, maybe DIY? There may be an opportunity to better your relationship with someone older. On a slightly different level, you might be able to strengthen an existing partnership. You could be planning; this will likely include planning menus and looking at your diary. You’re probably a great organiser deep down, maybe you should try to do it more regularly!

Cancer Horoscope March 27th 2020

Today there could be an urgent decision which needs to be made. You might be feeling responsible for a number of things today, and rightly so. This may include choosing travel times and contract deadlines. A sibling or neighbour could share news with you about an older relative. There might be something to worry about. Choose your paper carefully; high quality paper and card will help add to the importance of an event.

Cancer Horoscope March 26th 2020

You could find yourself well out of your comfort zone and surrounded by people who have a different way of doing things. It’s tempting to reject their ways and stick to your own, but it might be worth listening to them, as there’s always something new to learn. A disruption to your schedule could make life difficult – asking new acquaintances for support could be the best way to begin a lasting friendship. Taking part in an activity which allows creative expression might be a pleasant distraction.

Cancer Horoscope March 25th 2020

It might be a good idea to take up a new hobby, think something sporty that possibly involves striking a ball. Alternatively, your creative juices could be coming to the fore, you may want to start making something. Perhaps there is a potential partnership or friendship, but the two people involved don’t realise how good it could be. You may need to intervene and show them the light. In summary: Today you’re observing then taking action.