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Capricorn Horoscope September 18th 2020

You might spend all day (or more) trying to strike a balance in some aspects of your life. Though you understand that your friendship works both ways, you could be trying to do too much for too many people. In addition to this, someone may be taking you for granted. On a slightly different note, someone who needs your help badly might greatly appreciate you giving them something that will help them in some way.

Capricorn Horoscope September 17th 2020

Your ability to plan ahead, perhaps for a holiday, could be held up until an organisation can give you a clearer picture. Despite the inconvenience, you may find yourself in a reflective mood. You could find yourself preoccupied by what seems to be an unrelated health issue. When you think about it, you may come to realise that the problem also stops you from doing things. Once a friend is informed, they might urgently take control of the situation and find you assistance.

Capricorn Horoscope September 16th 2020

Today there may be an important development related to property, and you might have good fortune when it comes to finances. It seems as though your horizons are starting to broaden further, so pay attention to what you hear and what you see. You could get an insight into someone else’s finances, meaning that something that you were unaware of has finally come to the surface. This may increase your understanding of a financial system. Additionally, you might feel the need to alter an existing code (pin number?).

Capricorn Horoscope September 15th 2020

Today is an important day for communications, and is also a good day to bring joy and happiness to others. This might involve helping someone who is not well, maybe by simply spending time with them. You could discuss future travel plans with a close friend who has a different star sign to you. On a different note, you may pleasantly surprise yourself when handling something quite technical.

Capricorn Horoscope September 14th 2020

Although it’s not like you, being in the spot light today seems like the best thing in the world – it’s most probably because you deserve it. This could be the surest sign you’ve been looking for to encourage to take on a challenge. Throwing a party could be a great way to express your gratitude to friends and family who’ve supported you all this time. Relax now because soon new challenges and adventures will push you to your limits.

Capricorn Horoscope September 13th 2020

Something ‘big’ could be happening behind the scenes. This might be related to a trip, some kind of training or issues related to your home. You may get a bit of time to yourself, which you can use to visit someone who either doesn’t live nearby or is not well at the moment. Perhaps they’ll tell you something interesting ‘in confidence’, and you might be able to help them turn a dream into reality.

Capricorn Horoscope September 12th 2020

You’ll probably be complimented on how great you look. The accessories you chose to go with your outfit could really suit the occasion. It looks like relationships with people close to you could really improve; this might be down to a mutual desire for adventure. You may even see yourself as being half of a perfectly matched double-act.