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Capricorn Horoscope August 12th 2022

You might have to help someone younger than yourself to deal with a problem. You may not give them a solution, but you’ll be very happy to have been asked for your opinion. You could be able to help them in some way. Both of you might have to share a secret, or exchange comical but sensitive information. You may sort out a transport-related problem, the charming way in which you did it could even mean an upgrade or refund.

Capricorn Horoscope August 11th 2022

Today you may enter into a new environment, which unsurprisingly brings new challenges. You could meet someone who appears odd at first but is actually quite captivating. One of your friends might be in a compromising position financially, leaving you thinking about how they are going to provide for their family. Perhaps it is also necessary for you to question ‘facts’ and validate that they are true.

Capricorn Horoscope August 10th 2022

It looks likely that you’ll receive a surprise today, and it’ll probably be something to do with your family (maybe someone who you haven’t seen for years). You might have to plan a last-minute trip. Your knowledge of technology may come to the fore, someone you know could need help with some software. Helping this person may temporarily re-invigorate your love of technology, and a related magazine purchase could reveal some interesting and helpful information.

Capricorn Horoscope August 9th 2022

You’re dying to get out of the daily monotony, but it could seem like you have nowhere to go. You might want to wear one of your more unusual pieces of clothing today, as a way of feeling a bit different from normal. Maybe you feel like doing some exercise. It may be a good day for ‘working out’ on your finances as well, by checking your accounts and analysing the various banking options available. A person you know well might be worrying over a major decision they need to make; and this extra worry is making you want to get out even more.

Capricorn Horoscope August 8th 2022

Continue to keep an open door policy even when that means a few stray creep in. Contact with people not in your usual circle is possible when you keep an open mind. They could be very beneficial to you and your future plans. However, you may be preoccupied with more immediate issues such as money. In these unsteady times finances are vulnerable, so talking to a partner or someone you can trust could be reassuring and important.

Capricorn Horoscope August 7th 2022

Today is probably a good day to communicate with yourself through relaxation and meditation. There may be a solution to a problem in the depths of your mind, and taking time out will help you to find it. You could find a way to communicate effectively with a friend who is concerned about something and keeps asking you questions; but their concerns have arisen from insecurity.

Capricorn Horoscope August 6th 2022

You seem to have found a state of comfort with a new person. You could really enjoy spending time in their company and making plans for the next few days. You may discover that you share similar talents and enjoy working on the same jobs. During a meeting you could impress someone with your knowledge. Even though you’re unfamiliar with business now, with your raw talent, you’ll be running at speed in no time.