Dog - Chinese Calendar

The Dog is the eleventh Chinese Horoscope, and it’s element is metal. Just like the animal, people born in the year of the Dog place great importance on being loyal and reliable. Truthful and trustworthy, what you see is usually exactly what you get. Integrity and strong morals are more characteristics that most dogs possess. They are keen to stand by their strong morals and values.

They are excellent to have as friends, and will stick by you through thick and thin, and stick up for you if they feel it is right to do so. Dogs are known for paying close attention to what others are saying; an invaluable skill. Dogs are enemies of injustice and unfair treatment. They will usually protect those less fortunate than themselves whenever they can.

Dogs are often bull-headed and inflexible, with very strong opinions on core issues. They have little time for discussion on trivial matters, and would much rather spend their time talking about things that they really care about. Their headstrong natures become very apparent in discussions and debates.

Dogs find it difficult to remain calm when they are on the brink of a crisis. Therefore, they can sometimes have trouble dealing with challenges. Like the animal, people born in the year of the Dog can have erratic tempers. They tend to get angry and aggressive from time to time.

The rollercoaster of emotions is often ridden by the Dog. They can quickly turn from happiness to anger. When they get sad or angry, many Dogs like to spend time alone to calm down and recover. They sometimes deal with things best themselves, and will come back to face everyone else when they feel ready.

Dogs can sometimes get phobias about certain things, and this doesn’t help their moods. It can be very hard to understand why something small can trouble a dog so much, and there’s no real explanation as to why they get these phobias. These fears and phobias can make them highly anxious, which in turn makes them angry.

Like the relationship a pet dog has with the owner, or indeed any relationship, the foundations are built on trust. This is very important to a dog. They will be cautious when they first meet someone new until they feel that trust has been established. Dogs are sometimes inclined to pre-judge people in the absence of trust, and can appear standoffish.

As perceptive and intuitive beings, people born in the year of the Dog are usually excellent in business. They are also good at putting people in their place when it needs to be done, and are not shy to confront someone if they have done wrong.

Dogs often take a long time to stay in a loving relationship. This is because their phobias and high expectations can alienate others, particularly the people closest to them. Their irrational thoughts are what makes it so hard for them to fall in love. If they try to control these more, Dogs may find it easier to find love.

Birth years of the Dog

The Dog horoscope can also be broken down into different elements – metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Below are the birth years for each.

Metal Dog – 10th February 1910 to 29th January 1911 6th February 1970 to 26th January 1971

Water Dog – 28th January 1922 to 15th February 1923 25th January 1982 to 12th February 1983

Wood Dog – 14th February 1934 to 2nd February 1935 10th February 1994 to 30th January 1995

Fire Dog – 2nd February 1946 to 21st January 1947 29th January 2006 to 17th February 2007

Earth Dog – 18th February 1958 to 7th February 1959

The next year of the Dog will be in 2018.