Rabbit - Chinese Calendar

The Rabbit is the fourth Chinese Horoscope and it’s element is Wood. Rabbits are shy, gentle and endearing. Rabbits naturally attract other people towards them, and often have a large number of friends. They also place a great importance on family, and Rabbits are usually close to many of the members of their close and extended family. People like to be around Rabbits. They are kind hearted and care a great deal about the people who are close to them.

When it comes to romantic relationships, Rabbits can have a few bad tendencies. They are often too affectionate and gushing with their partners, when really they should hold back a bit. This can lead to one of two things: their partner may be taken aback by the Rabbit’s strong feelings, or they may take advantage of the Rabbit’s affectionate personality. They can be unrealistic about relationships; and their tendency to always see the best in things can often prove to be a downfall.

Rabbits need the emotional support from the people around them, particularly if they are having a bad day. Rabbits will need friends and family to help them get through the bad times. May Rabbits are soft and gentle-natured, and do not deal with a conflict or a crisis well, particularly if they do not have the support of those close to them. Rabbits are easily upset, and fallouts can have a very strong impact on them. Rabbits can even become ill because of the hurt and upset caused by a fallout or confrontation.

Rabbits will usually run away from an argument. This can make them look weak to others. People who pick up on the Rabbit’s hatred of conflict may begin to use them as a ‘doormat’. Rabbits are often their own worst enemies, and can easily become downhearted and sometimes even depressed. It’s easy for them to feel like they are ‘stuck in a rut’ with no way of getting out.

Most Rabbits have an inherent need for security and support, and regularly try to hide the fact that they are deeply insecure. They dictate their own pace and way of approaching troubles, which can be good and bad. They put great thought into tackling the challenges that they face, but have no sense of urgency when it comes to solving problems. This can be very frustrating for the people around them.

In the right romantic relationship, a Rabbit will thrive. They have to be very careful who they choose to have a relationship with. As Rabbits are sensitive and gentle, it is essential that they find a righteous and moralistic lover. A less virtuous person is unlikely to treat the rabbit well. In the right relationship, the Rabbit will be the most affectionate and caring partner, and will be great with the family. Rabbits like security, and love to feel important and special in a household. A Rabbit’s uniqueness makes them endearing, but they must remember to stand up for themselves!

Birth years of the Rabbit

The Rabbit horoscope can also be broken down into different elements – metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Below are the birth years for each.

Metal Rabbit – 6th February 1951 to 26th January 1952 4th February 2011 to 22nd January 2012

Water Rabbit – 29th January 1903 to 15th February 1904 25th January 1963 to 12th February 1964

Wood Rabbit – 14th February 1915 to 2nd February 1916 11th February 1975 to 30th January 1976

Fire Rabbit – 2nd February 1927 to 22nd January 1928 29th January 1987 to 16th February 1988

Earth Rabbit – 19th February 1939 to 7th February 1940 16th February 1999 to 4th February 2000

The next year of the Rabbit will be in 2023.