Rooster - Chinese Calendar

The Rooster is the tenth sign in the Chinese Horoscope and it’s element is Metal. Roosters are quick-thinking, intelligent and knowledgeable. Despite their intelligence, Roosters are normally quite uncomfortable with the unknown and are risk-averse (don’t like to take risks). They like to stick to what they know already and will almost always opt for methods that are tried and tested.

Roosters have a high awareness of what is going on around them, and also pay close attention to the people nearby. As they are always ‘on the ball’, it can be very hard to get something past a Rooster without them noticing. They are not easily tricked or fooled. Even when you think they’re not watching, they probably are!

Although their leadership skills are not as prominent as some of the other signs in the Chinese Horoscope, the Rooster is adamant they are in control. They are also perfectionists, and pay great attention to the smaller details. Roosters are good with specifics, and perform well in job roles and businesses in which the smaller aspects need great attention. They will often spot problems that have been overlooked by other people.

It is very important for a Rooster to look good. Their close attention to detail means that they can literally spend hours in the mirror every day, making sure they look their best and not one single hair is out of place. They love attention and getting praise for their attractive outward appearance.

Roosters love to go on nights out with their friends. Not so much for the socialising, but more for receiving praise for the way they look and dress. They enjoy having a group of friends who are lavish in their praise, and will always comment on how well the Rooster is looking. It’s very important for a Rooster to stand out amongst their friends, and money isn’t an issue when it comes to buying an outfit to impress!

Often high-flyers in the job world, Roosters will work in professions such as medicine and law. They enjoy the prestige associated with these job roles. They are also good in financial jobs, and anything else that involves attention to detail. Roosters are honest and straightforward, and appreciate this quality in others.

Roosters have a wonderful spirit and an excellent work ethic. They also have a real thirst for knowledge. Intelligent and hard-working, Roosters can thrive in the right business environment. They can be self-centred in all aspects of life, and egotistical, particularly when it comes to their looks. Their unique personalities can sometimes cause others to see them as a little strange.

The best improvement a Rooster can make in their life is learning to appreciate the deeper things and not only the superficial. They can appear shallow to others because they place such emphasis on looking good. By valuing themselves at a deeper level, other people will also start to see them differently.

Birth years of the Rooster

The Rooster horoscope can also be broken down into different elements – metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Below are the birth years for each.

Metal Rooster – 8th February 1921 to 27th January 1922 5th February 1981 to 24th January 1982

Water Rooster – 26th January 1933 to 13th February 1934 23rd January 1993 to 9th February 1994

Wood Rooster – 13th February 1945 to 1st February 1946 9th February 2005 to 28th January 2006

Fire Rooster – 31st January 1957 to 17th February 1958

Earth Rooster – 22nd January 1909 to 9th February 1910 17th February 1969 to 5th February 1970

The next year of the Rooster will be in 2017.