Snake - Chinese Calendar

The Snake comes sixth in the Chinese Horoscope and it’s element is Fire. Snakes usually do well with money, and have more than enough to live on. As a Horoscope, the Snake is seen to be one that attracts a significant amount of money, they generally earn much more money than they need to ‘just get by’. However, most snakes are actually shrewd with their money, and tend to save the excess rather than spend it recklessly.

Just like a snake watching its prey before it strikes, people born in the year of the Snake tend to weight up their options before they make a decision. Snakes are quite alluring, but their relaxed nature can cause people to interpret them wrongly. They don’t find it hard to chill out and will happily spend the whole day on the sofa. Some people incorrectly see snakes as slobs.

Snakes are not as secure in themselves as they make out, and people close to them may realise this. This is particularly visible in their relationships; Snakes can become be very possessive when they are in love. Their partners can see this behaviour as ridiculous and irrational, and it can be reason enough to push the relationship to the brink, or even cause it to break down.

When it comes to love, most Snakes have some very positive characteristics. They are very loving and giving, and it’s hard to resist their charm. However, many people are weary of Snakes because they have a more menacing side which comes out every so often. This also works to add to their uniqueness and makes them interesting to others.

Intelligent and intuitive, Snakes normally use their gut feelings to make decisions. Asking for other people’s advice is usually a last resort, and a Snake will only ask for external input if they’re really stuck on a decision. Many Snakes are entrepreneurs because they think before they act and make decisions from their gut instinct. This is a powerful combination, and Snakes can make excellent partners in business. They are shrewd with money but still enjoy having a large amount of it!

Snakes spend a great amount of time thinking. When you picture a snake, beauty is probably not the first word that comes into your mind! You may be surprised to hear that most snakes are very concerned with outward appearance. They like to look good and they like beautiful things. Their love of beauty often means that a Snake pays too much attention to their own appearance.

Most Snakes have short fuses, and this can often get them in trouble and cause problems. As they rely on their gut instinct, they usually find it very difficult to take advice from other people, even if the advice is good. Snakes have many positive and negative characteristics. They should spend more time getting to know themselves, and also listen more to other people.

Birth years of the Snake

The Snake horoscope can also be broken down into different elements – metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Below are the birth years for each.

Metal Snake – 27th January 1941 to 14th February 1942 24th January 2001 to 11th February 2002

Water Snake – 14th February 1953 to 2nd February 1954 10th February 2013 to 30th January 2014

Wood Snake – 4th February 1905 to 24th January 1906 2nd February 1965 to 20th January 1966

Fire Snake – 23rd January 1917 to 10th February 1918 18th February 1977 to 6th February 1978

Earth Snake – 10th February 1929 to 29th January 1930 6th February 1989 to 26th January 1990

The next year of the Snake will be in 2013.