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Gemini Horoscope November 30th 2020

New facts may be revealed, causing you to rethink your current strategy. Perhaps you’ve been too ‘soft’ or have been ‘drawn in’ by someone. It’s probably a good idea to start looking at other viable alternatives. In the process of doing so, you could really strengthen an existing relationship with someone whose job involves a great deal of listening and is hence an excellent ‘observer’.

Gemini Horoscope November 29th 2020

One part of you may be happy if you feel that a deadline has been met. However, another part of you could feel uncomfortable with some news from a person that you have recently met. You might both be looking at things from very different perspectives. This may leave you feeling confused and bewildered. People who know the news but are not letting it get to them could inspire you, as could people who are musical and/or artistic.

Gemini Horoscope November 28th 2020

It seems likely that your patience will really be tested today if you have to both look over facts and figures and also wait for other people involved to ‘cool down’. On the positive side, celebrations may be just round the corner. However, you might first be ‘required’ to have a ‘heart-to-heart’ with a friend so that you can both highlight what is not working in the friendship.

Gemini Horoscope November 27th 2020

Today seems set to be an action-packed day. Something might ‘knock you off course’, so much so that your usual routine (and possibly your finances) are affected. You may have to assume a leadership role to take control of the situation and show people the most effective way to protect their interests. Speaking to someone from an insurance company could be necessary.

Gemini Horoscope November 26th 2020

The next few days could be a bit of a struggle. You might be feeling quite sad. Whilst in this reflective mood, how much you care for someone may really hit home. It’s probably a bonus that they’re in your life. Trying to determine how you develop your relationship with them could prove difficult. Nevertheless, you seem to be determined to make it work.

Gemini Horoscope November 25th 2020

Today is an important day for communications, and is also a good day to bring joy and happiness to others. This might involve helping someone who is not well, maybe by simply spending time with them. You could discuss future travel plans with a close friend who has a different star sign to you. On a different note, you may pleasantly surprise yourself when handling something quite technical.

Gemini Horoscope November 24th 2020

Something could cause you to look at the world through a different ‘lens’. Two things may have caused this. Firstly, your emotions might have changed. Secondly, your living and/or working environment could have changed. It seems likely that you’ll want to drop everything to meet up with someone, although it might not be a feasible option. Perhaps you’ll be surprised when someone close has made a decision without consulting you.