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Gemini Horoscope September 17th 2020

You might be doing significantly better than usual when it comes to your finances, and you may want to tell a number of people all about it. However, revealing too much to others probably won’t be one of your best ideas! A loan that initially seemed attractive could start to worry you, and you might even want to see someone to go over the ‘small print’. On a more positive note, good news in your love life may make you want to celebrate.

Gemini Horoscope September 16th 2020

Facing a problem which you don’t know the answer to could be your worst nightmare – that’s if you want to appear like a know-it-all. Approaching the problem with an ‘I don’t know but I’m willing to learn’ attitude will produce much better results. A longing for a particular food could inspire new creations in the kitchen and perhaps starting that diet you’ve been meaning to for ages. Your home will likely be the center of attention and spending time relaxing in the space will instill a sense of belonging.

Gemini Horoscope September 15th 2020

Today there could be a large focus on your love zone, and a turning point may be inevitable. You might need to take a bit of time out to look at and analyse all of your partnerships; more precisely, which ones you get enjoyment from. Your adventurous side could really come to the fore, and you might plan to go somewhere you’ve never been. This could really surprise the people that know you.

Gemini Horoscope September 14th 2020

Discussions with people involved in education, as well as individuals currently implicated in a legal issue are very probable. At a time which requires leadership, you might be surprised to find that you’ve been unconsciously developing into a greater, more capable individual. This realisation will come as a shock. You may find this humorous and a relief, or it might bring with it sudden panic and thoughts that you’re still inadequate and unready for the task.

Gemini Horoscope September 13th 2020

You might get a great deal today; something that is good quality and luxurious. You may even see the deal as ‘perfect’! Ironically, it probably won’t be you who finds the deal, it could be someone you know instead. However, it might be you who really revels in the success. You could even feel that it calls for a celebration.

Gemini Horoscope September 12th 2020

Even though someone might be (intentionally) keeping their distance, you could feel like they are pressuring you. You might experience this type of confusion on several different levels; maybe you’re not sure of exactly what you want. You could be feeling bored with a current project. In addition to this, you may need something humorous to cheer you up, possibly a funny movie?

Gemini Horoscope September 11th 2020

Some years get off to better starts than others. Determination to advance your career and fulfil at least one of your aims and objectives, is unlikely to fade in the coming months. With Saturn continuing its slow journey through your 'research and development' area throughout the year, you're likely to appreciate the concept of moving forward steadily - but persistently. First though there's the task of getting rid of items that are clogging up space. In doing this, you send out signals that you're ready for something new. Colleagues will surely pick up on that vibe. Indeed, it's possible that this will result in a proposition midweek. Joining (financial) forces is a strong possibility - though on Friday you might experience a few qualms. It might also be that you decide midweek that this time next year you'll be involved in a grand adventure - one that involves great change to your domestic circumstances. Ring JULY 11th in your diary now - and label it 'REVIEW DAY'. Chances are you'll make substantial progress by then.