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Gemini Horoscope January 20th 2019

You could be feeling very nostalgic and reminiscent today. You may see an old style that brings back memories that are not particularly pleasant. Many older people might be reminiscent as well. Those younger than you should be able to help you look towards the future rather than the past. From an artistic perspective, today it might be important to look at future trends. You are starting to get in control of all the important issues in your life.

Gemini Horoscope January 19th 2019

Something could upset the balance when a promise you made but never kept comes back and bites you in the behind. You might have done this inadvertently, but you may well have to go out of your way to make up for it. The effort will be worth it when good relationships are restored. You could be thinking about buying a new outfit, and today might be a good day for choosing red. Thoughts of buying gifts may also be high on the agenda.

Gemini Horoscope January 18th 2019

You will have a chance to shine and show people around you just how talented you are. Friends and colleagues will look towards you for answers. However, it’s your ability to organise and lead people that will make the most impact. Embrace any opportunity to work with a new member of the team, as you’ll gain fresh ideas – this could lead you to new experiences too. A partner or friend’s news will make you happy.

Gemini Horoscope January 17th 2019

Today something might go wrong financially. You could lose your wallet, or it might be something else. You may lose out one way or another through forgetting to pay a bill or having to pay for an urgent household repair. This could be a test to your financial shrewdness. You might meet someone who is good at managing their finances, and they seem to have a number of different savings and investments. This might give you some ideas for your own finances.

Gemini Horoscope January 16th 2019

It could be a good day for you financially, as a well-organised friend could allocate you a task involving finance. One of your friends might have had an idea to do something for charity, and you’re asked to take part with them. There may be a surprise in store for one of your friends, and you’re asked to help. A person close to you may have received good news at work, which will really put them back in their stride.

Gemini Horoscope January 15th 2019

Today there is a high possibility that you’ll go overboard with something. It might be the right thing to do, particularly if you’re trying to grab someone’s attention. You could feel like enjoying several aspects of life today, this might include broadening your horizons, as well as overeating!

Gemini Horoscope January 14th 2019

You might have to use a great deal of energy to prove to someone that you are capable of taking on a new job role. Your lover or a friend younger than yourself may even be persuaded to help. You could have done something wrong this week, and some of your co-workers might be giving you a hard time about it. These co-workers may be unwilling to bring you into their team. However, one of your solutions could get them out of trouble.