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Gemini Horoscope March 24th 2019

The desire to actively improve your surroundings could lead you to an unusual shopping excursion – or it may motivate you to simply rearrange your home to create a more comfortable living space. Taking the time out to help someone is likely, particularly if they’ve been chasing a dream and have received disappointment. Use you natural qualities to ensure you offer them the support they need. Offering them sound advice will come easy to someone like you.

Gemini Horoscope March 23rd 2019

You may be making a financial agreement that could lead to a larger investment. Just be careful when a friend or colleague approaches you. Consider the offer carefully. It could be that in the short term you may need to take on more work or responsibility. However, don’t be put off, and don’t lose sight of your long term goals. By putting in more effort now you ensure for a better future , where you can spend even more time on the activities you love.

Gemini Horoscope March 22nd 2019

A change in a friend’s romantic life calls for a celebration, and it could be you that has to organise it. Your own relationship may also come to the fore, more specifically an discussion about what ‘pushes your buttons’. There might be a hobby or activity that you do in your spare time and take very seriously. You may consider getting in touch with an expert so that you become more proficient at that activity. Alternatively, a swanky fashion magazine might do the trick!

Gemini Horoscope March 21st 2019

You might be unsure of what exactly is motivating someone you know. Maybe you think they are pursuing you in one form or another. How you respond to being ‘pursued’ will depend on your mood; you could feel flattered or overwhelmed. Speaking of your mood, you may have severe mood swings today. Perhaps this is because you have so much creativity but have not yet found an appropriate way to express it.

Gemini Horoscope March 20th 2019

One of your friends might tell you that you have set unrealistic expectations. It could be that extensive preparations for an important (and large) event are stressing you out. People around you may see that you are in need of being spoilt or pampered, and might do something with the sole aim of making you happy. If your feelings are all over the place, making decisions could be problematic. You may put happiness into someone’s life by giving them something that clearly means a great deal to you.

Gemini Horoscope March 19th 2019

With finances being an issue, you might not have a choice but to work. On the other hand you may decide to sacrifice money so you can focus on your dream - which you hope will create financial abundance in the future. Both have their pros and cons and there’s no definite answer. Your friends and family will invariably have their opinions – and they’ll surely be conflicting too. In these emotional times, remember to stay calm and think rationally.

Gemini Horoscope March 18th 2019

Today is probably a good day to communicate with yourself through relaxation and meditation. There may be a solution to a problem in the depths of your mind, and taking time out will help you to find it. You could find a way to communicate effectively with a friend who is concerned about something and keeps asking you questions; but their concerns have arisen from insecurity.