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Gemini Horoscope July 4th 2020

Although you don’t intend to implement your master-plan until next week, today seems like a good day to make final preparations and get ready for the efforts ahead. Your determination is likely to make you the centre of attention. You will find people drawn to you and your cause. However, your charisma and energy may well intimate others. Draw useful insights from everything. It’s better to know who you can rely upon now.

Gemini Horoscope July 3rd 2020

Your energy and enthusiasm is likely to rub off on people around you. The teacher in you could be finding a new passion, and your naturally ability to communicate with others could lead you to encouraging even more. Even though finances could be tight you probably won’t even notice if you’re enjoying yourself. An upcoming test or examination might require your attention. Focusing you attention could be tricky so you’ll have to be strict on yourself.

Gemini Horoscope July 2nd 2020

You may be contacted by an institution or major company. It might give you mixed emotions and even cause a little confusion. Tread carefully, all may not be as it seems. However, it could be something good, but do your homework on it. The company or institution might even say that they owe you money, just check either way. Your partner may have booked something and bought a pair of tickets – much to your surprise and delight.

Gemini Horoscope July 1st 2020

You might feel that it is important to increase your ‘emotional base’, which may mean you really want to have a party. It’s likely that you’ll be looking for something romantic, and someone mysterious could catch your eye. You may also feel the need to move with your emotions and appreciate something old that brings up past memories and makes you feel more reminiscent.

Gemini Horoscope June 30th 2020

Efficiency probably seems like your first priority. Documents related to your family may need to be organised and archived. There could also be a load of stuff that needs to be thrown out or shredded! A good friend’s family issues might affect your plans. However, you should still have time to go out and enjoy yourself. You might need to provide emotional support to those around you who are feeling a little vulnerable.

Gemini Horoscope June 29th 2020

Your personal agenda probably seems very important today. It will likely involve you expressing yourself through your clothing and fashion accessories. Today you may really want to stand out from the crowd. However, this could quite easily cause arguments. You might be feeling controversial, and certainly won’t be sat on the fence. People who are already in a bad mood could easily get their backs up. On a positive note, you may get a short, sharp burst of inspiration.

Gemini Horoscope June 28th 2020

You could be irritated when you discover that someone you know is ‘being economical with the truth’. However, it may be something that you don’t need to worry about. Your interest in history might be ‘triggered’, and perhaps you’ll want to ‘relive’ and experience or journey. At work, administration might become burdensome. It’s probably a good idea to make sure that paperwork is in order before moving on to something else.