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Leo Horoscope August 12th 2022

You might be eager to work as well as play, but something could be on your mind. There may well have been an oversight on your part. Maybe today is an important date or anniversary, or maybe you need to book a surprise for someone close in the next few days. Good sparks might fly in the world of romance, things could be heating up with someone you haven’t known long.

Leo Horoscope August 11th 2022

The need to arrange travel plans for an upcoming event could be on the agenda today. It could feel like signing your own death sentence if the trip’s the last thing you want to do. The key will be finding a way to put a positive spin on things – you might even surprise yourself. You’ll probably gain momentum later in the day as new challenges give you something to focus on. Tonight you deserve to take time out and relax. Going out for a meal with friends or opening a bottle of wine and staying in could be just what’s needed.

Leo Horoscope August 10th 2022

Today you may need to make some financial plans, possibly ones related to property. Things that you are unsure about could be clarified if you speak to an expert. However, it might be worth bringing a friend who is good at making notes, as they should be able to compensate for your ‘selective hearing’. Perhaps upcoming social plans are really starting to take shape.

Leo Horoscope August 9th 2022

It could be another day where you feel romantically nostalgic, but maybe in a good way. You might simply want to indulge in something very artistic. Alternatively, you may want to indulge in some fine food or fine wine. Basically, it could be a good day to ‘taste’ a little luxury. You might be feeling charitable today, and handing over cash that you’ve worked hard for may be easier when you know it’s going to a worthy cause and helping people in need.

Leo Horoscope August 8th 2022

Your friends will have much to talk about today – both the recent romantic developments and other issues. They may also be worrying about something which you know you have under control. You could have a secret about a faraway place that you feel like sharing. At work you may even be speaking to people in foreign countries.

Leo Horoscope August 7th 2022

Co-workers and friends may still be getting over the ‘whirlwind’ you caused yesterday. Your stubbornness might be lurking just underneath the surface, and someone trying to ‘push’ you in a direction that you don’t want to go could really bring it out. Again there may be a property issue that needs to be addressed, but today it could be related to interior design.

Leo Horoscope August 6th 2022

Today style is essential, both in terms of your clothing and your writing. Your chosen communication methods with others may become important. A few of the people around you might understand that you are going through a transitional period, trying to find the best approach to your new life. They should be more accommodating. Your artistic streak could really come into play. Think refurbish rather than upgrade!