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Leo Horoscope July 4th 2020

Be careful helping a friend with financial problems today, as it could land both of you in deep water. You might need to slow your pace a little; moving around too fast can often cause accidents. You may gain recognition from a friend when you help them with a big problem. It could be a great day for rekindling your passion for gardening.

Leo Horoscope July 3rd 2020

Work hard today to keep a positive outlook. You could be tested today - you may have over stretched yourself or maybe your financial situation has taken a turn for the worse. Realise that you can continue feeling good as long as you keep a positive outlook. You will be pleased to find out a deal is further along completion than you had originally thought.

Leo Horoscope July 2nd 2020

If you’re preparing for some sort of conflict, be sure to have a strategy. An existing partnership may require more attention to keep it healthy. You could be feeling creative and confident when it comes to cooking, and you might conjure up an impressive meal. Today you could find that you crave something that you didn’t know you had a craving for. Satisfying the craving may put you in a great mood for the rest of the day.

Leo Horoscope July 1st 2020

Today it is important that you remain cool, calm and collected. Perhaps a group of people are being led ‘off course’, and it is your job to ‘take the reigns’. Certain people could be letting their emotions take the lead, and maybe you are the only one who can see this going wrong. It’s likely that experience has taught you how important it is to thoroughly plan a large event.

Leo Horoscope June 30th 2020

Life may feel like a bit of a challenge today. Getting rid of clutter and organising your belongings may help to make your home and workplace seem more efficient. It’s a great day for packing, but be sure to focus on the most important items only. Party spirit will most probably be subtle. It seems likely that you will have to prepare for a large amount of activity happening tomorrow.

Leo Horoscope June 29th 2020

Facing a problem which you don’t know the answer to could be your worst nightmare – that’s if you want to appear like a know-it-all. Approaching the problem with an ‘I don’t know but I’m willing to learn’ attitude will produce much better results. A longing for a particular food could inspire new creations in the kitchen and perhaps starting that diet you’ve been meaning to for ages. Your home will likely be the center of attention and spending time relaxing in the space will instill a sense of belonging.

Leo Horoscope June 28th 2020

Today you might have to be a facilitator and mediator, but this won’t be easy. The disagreement will be between someone who is convinced they are right (but has questionable logic) and someone who is very sensible (but struggles to get their point across). It is very important that you facilitate these talks. It could help your career and give you peace of mind.