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Leo Horoscope May 13th 2021

You might have been ploughing on with your head down but today you look up and realise just how much you’ve achieved. A celebration might just be in order – and don’t be surprised if people who you once thought knew more than you come asking for advice. An issue at home could demand your attention – managing that and your usual work load will prove what a trooper you really are. Tonight could be best spent relaxing on the sofa.

Leo Horoscope May 12th 2021

An important anniversary may have slipped your mind; but something or someone might remind you of it, just in the ‘nick of time’. Making sure the day is not spoilt could involve ‘thinking on your feet’. You might also enter into a deal of some kind, probably something property-related. Additionally, a relative who is younger than you could be in need of some sort of care or guidance. If for some reason you can’t provide it yourself, you may have to arrange for someone else to help out.

Leo Horoscope May 11th 2021

Two things may come to the fore: establishing and marking out space for yourself and starting to actively solve existing problems. It might be a good idea to make lists or write down your thoughts. Additionally, you could have a letter to write, telling someone where you stand. A close friend that is a good secret keeper may give you some great advice.

Leo Horoscope May 10th 2021

A change in a friend’s romantic life calls for a celebration, and it could be you that has to organise it. Your own relationship may also come to the fore, more specifically an discussion about what ‘pushes your buttons’. There might be a hobby or activity that you do in your spare time and take very seriously. You may consider getting in touch with an expert so that you become more proficient at that activity. Alternatively, a swanky fashion magazine might do the trick!

Leo Horoscope May 9th 2021

You may want to be obvious about your feelings today. The people and the money in another country might be on your mind today; you’re looking at your relationship with that country. You might want the special person in your life to tell you how much they care…again! Someone may underestimate your ability to deal with financial matters, and this could make you become quite angry.

Leo Horoscope May 8th 2021

Whilst you are more than capable, you could be finding that you’re unable to cope with everything right now. Even though working on two dozen projects at one time is usually a walk in the park, you need the opportunity to slow down and give your complete attention to one project. You could be distracted though – finances and details of upcoming events all demand your attention. To make matters worse people fail to organise their work load effectively.

Leo Horoscope May 7th 2021

You could be feeling under scrutiny. People are asking questions and will not stop prying. These questions could be about your health or your finance. Maybe even both. This might make the thought of running away very appealing. What could draw attention away from you is the revelation that a close friend has found new employment or achieved a well earned promotion. This could have an effect on both you.