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Leo Horoscope September 17th 2020

It’s likely you want to talk to someone about your career direction. Those you live with might be talking about small jobs around the house which should have been done a while ago. You may make mental lists, but the better option of writing lists isn’t coming as natural. A colleague known for their good organisational skills could suggest you write everything down.

Leo Horoscope September 16th 2020

It’s likely that you’ll be more aware than ever about the importance of being tactful and knowing when to keep things to yourself. Close friends might be giving subtle hints about what they are really thinking, but without saying it explicitly. You understand that what you say can have a strong effect on people. It might be good to talk to a friend (who is not involved) about this; but choose carefully.

Leo Horoscope September 15th 2020

Style, even the style of your writing, may come to the fore today. It could be today that your image changes – fresh, new colour schemes and fragrances might give you a much more professional image. You may see other signs of your professionalism. A person wearing a mysterious scent may appear alluring.

Leo Horoscope September 14th 2020

One of your friends might tell you that you have set unrealistic expectations. It could be that extensive preparations for an important (and large) event are stressing you out. People around you may see that you are in need of being spoilt or pampered, and might do something with the sole aim of making you happy. If your feelings are all over the place, making decisions could be problematic. You may put happiness into someone’s life by giving them something that clearly means a great deal to you.

Leo Horoscope September 13th 2020

If you have big ideas, start by looking at the plans. There could be some important documentation and paperwork which you need to pay attention to. Paperwork may even be linked to something big happening in a few days’ time. Your mind might be very sharp today, particularly when it comes to remembering things – good if you have any exams or tests. In your domestic life, a senior relative may give you something to worry about.

Leo Horoscope September 12th 2020

Today you might indulge in the nicest fashions. Musically you could feel much more in touch than normal, with an excellent taste in music that rivals some of the people who have an everyday passion for it. You may be at some sort of occasion or event where you need to dress up. Don’t spread yourself too thin with people. Today should be an amazing day.

Leo Horoscope September 11th 2020

Although much planning has already been done, there are still aspects to discuss regarding a financial transaction. This may well involve you helping someone fill out paper work. As you’ve done your research, you’ll be in a good position to make judgments. This could put a partnership under strain as your partner holds a contrary opinion. Whilst you are confident in your findings, don’t out right refuse to see the other’s perspective.