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Leo Horoscope March 24th 2019

You could find that taking on new responsibilities stretches you just that little bit too far. This might prompt someone to question your skills. Communication with an individual abroad, studying or currently implicated in a legal issue may require you to write letters or fill out forms – which could challenge you even further. News from someone close could make you reconsider short term plans.

Leo Horoscope March 23rd 2019

One of your close friends could have provided you with an excellent idea that you want to implement at home. It might involve changes to your domestic arrangements or some kind of refurbishment. Clearing out this area may take longer than expected, particularly if you find some interesting documents. Someone you know well, or some music, could help ensure that you complete today’s tasks.

Leo Horoscope March 22nd 2019

You could find yourself well out of your comfort zone and surrounded by people who have a different way of doing things. It’s tempting to reject their ways and stick to your own, but it might be worth listening to them, as there’s always something new to learn. A disruption to your schedule could make life difficult – asking new acquaintances for support could be the best way to begin a lasting friendship. Taking part in an activity which allows creative expression might be a pleasant distraction.

Leo Horoscope March 21st 2019

It might feel like people that used to disagree with you are starting to understand your perspective and show you support. Their understanding may extend to seeing that you want a good price and a good item. The importance of your health could have come to the fore; maybe you need to check your diet or even book a check-up. However, the most important part of the day will probably be dealing with a partnership matter. You might need a professional to look at what you’ve done in the partnership.

Leo Horoscope March 20th 2019

Something could upset the balance when a promise you made but never kept comes back and bites you in the behind. You might have done this inadvertently, but you may well have to go out of your way to make up for it. The effort will be worth it when good relationships are restored. You could be thinking about buying a new outfit, and today might be a good day for choosing red. Thoughts of buying gifts may also be high on the agenda.

Leo Horoscope March 19th 2019

Today an old friend might give you some sterling advice which is practical and appreciates your need for ‘special’ things. They may be able to offer you some help when it comes to property, and this could involve asking someone useful questions. It might be very interesting to spend the day looking at how other people investigate things and reach conclusions.

Leo Horoscope March 18th 2019

It’s likely you want to talk to someone about your career direction. Those you live with might be talking about small jobs around the house which should have been done a while ago. You may make mental lists, but the better option of writing lists isn’t coming as natural. A colleague known for their good organisational skills could suggest you write everything down.