Numerology Profile One

Numerology uses the letters from your name or the numbers from your birth date to create a number that is between 1 and 9. 11 and 22 are also numerology profiles. If the numbers used are different, they are added together until they can be reduced to one of these numbers.

As the number one, you are regarded as a natural leader. Independence is very important to you for several reasons. It is very important that you make your own decisions and think for yourself too. You are very driven and it is very hard to change your mind or ‘stop you in your tracks once you have chosen a direction and started moving that way!

You like to take the Alpha role

Within the family domain, you will most probably take a very ‘Alpha’ role. You like to be the ‘breadwinner’ and ensure that your family feel protected and safe at all times. It’s very much “my way or the highway” with you, and you can take it very badly if someone disrespects you or something does not go the way you planned it to.

Particularly when it comes to anything significant, you like to have a primary role rather than a secondary role. You don’t like ‘taking the backseat’, but prefer to be fully in control of the steering wheel at all times. You’re never one for ‘hiding behind the curtain’. In fact, you’re quite the opposite. You love to be in the spotlight and at the centre of attention.

As someone who likes to take the lead, creativity is very important to you. It’s normally something that you’re very good at. You can look at something from a different angle. This can be a very valuable skill if it is used correctly. Patience is not one of your strong points, and you can quickly become impatient with both yourself and others when things don’t quite go to plan.

What a number one might struggle with

Unfortunately, others might see you as shallow and conceited. Two things that are very important to you can be seen as bad traits by other people: your focus on status and importance and your strong desire to ‘look good’. Although it’s not always easy to ‘keep up appearances’, it can be a very powerful motivator; your desire for success keeps can make you a high achiever.

People with this profile need to learn to remain calm. Ironically, you want to look good to other people but you normally prefer to perform tasks independently.