Numerology Profile Three

Numerology uses the letters from your name or the numbers from your birth date to create a number that is between 1 and 9. 11 and 22 are also numerology profiles. If the numbers used are different, they are added together until they can be reduced to one of these numbers.

If you have a numerology profile of three, excellent communication skills are one of strongest points. You are one of those rare people who not only speaks well, but is also an excellent listener. In some ways you could be seen to be a combination of qualities in someone with a numerology profile of 1 and someone with a numerology profile of two.

You’re creative

People with this profile are usually very creative – you are an innovator, a creator. Many of you excel in jobs that involve speaking and/or writing, something that combines your creativity with your excellent communication skills. You probably make a great entertainer because you also tend to have a very positive and refreshing outlook on life.

A possible downside of being a number three is that your focus is very much on the present. This can become a problem if you’re not looking at the long run and instead focussing solely on what is there at the time. Budgeting is probably not an easy thing for you to do. In fact, it’s unlikely that you budget at all. It’s likely that you probably the money when it is there and ‘go without’ when you run out!

It’s likely that people will love being around you because you are welcoming and friendly and know how to put others at ease. You thrive in conversations because you can talk and listen (something that others tend to quickly pick up on as well). Having connections with others is very important to you, in fact, it’s very important for you to have some other like-minded people around.

People on this life path can face a number of challenges

A person with number three as their numerology profile is usually thick-skinned. However, they can quickly disappear and go ‘off the radar’ if something really upsets them. As an open person you’re usually good at admitting problems and talking about them, which can help you to get over them, often without too much heartache.

Your sensitivity makes you sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. It is very important for you to be around the right people both socially and at work. You also need to remain focussed on life, as it’s probably easy for you to get carried away with things. It’s probably best to focus on a steady path rather than the peaks and troughs that you’re used to.