Numerology Profile Five

Numerology uses the letters from your name or the numbers from your birth date to create a number that is between 1 and 9. 11 and 22 are also numerology profiles. If the numbers used are different, they are added together until they can be reduced to one of these numbers.

As a person with number five for your numerology profile, adventure and excitement is most probably very high on the agenda. If you have this profile, most people love to be around you because you know how to enjoy yourself and not take things too seriously. You tend not to concentrate on the longer-term but at the same time seem to be on a constant quest to solve some of life’s mysteries.

Independence is essential

You crave for independence, not because you don’t like the company of others, rather because you despise the idea of feeling trapped. You are good at adapting to new surroundings. People with this numerology profile might find many common jobs too boring, as excitement and adventure has to be part of almost everything that they do. You are probably a good visionary, providing that you use your freedom in a more positive way.

Many people with this numerology profile have more than one talent, but their multi-faceted outlooks can also be a large downfall if they become unsure of what path they want to take. Self- expression is very important to you, and your communication skills make you an excellent motivator. The problem is that you are likely to abhor targets and deadlines. Freelance roles may be ideal.

Balance is key on this life path

Opposite to most people, you might find it very difficult to strike a life-work balance because you are too busy planning adventures to be concerned with everyday life (which could seem monotonous). You’ll find it almost impossible to turn down an adventure. Mental adventure also be important, but you’ll certainly need the physical adventure aspect of things as well!

You may be respected amongst your friends because they see that you are doing your best to appreciate life and life it to the full. The more new experiences, the better. However, bosses may not be so happy with your outlook when they quickly realise that adventure is your main priority.

It’s all about finding a happy medium and realising that life is not all about adventure – there are other important things that need to be done too. People with this numerology profile have to be careful not to become too self-absorbed and look as if they are disregarding those around them.