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Pisces Horoscope January 20th 2019

You’ll probably be complimented on how great you look. The accessories you chose to go with your outfit could really suit the occasion. It looks like relationships with people close to you could really improve; this might be down to a mutual desire for adventure. You may even see yourself as being half of a perfectly matched double-act.

Pisces Horoscope January 19th 2019

You might feel like you’re in the middle of a tunnel with no glimpse of light on either side! You could be stuck in between what an old friend’s requests and a new friend’s requests. You’ll probably want to delight others today, but that may mean it is hard to make decisions. Your indecisiveness might still be present on a shopping trip, when lots of things catch your eye but nothing ‘blows you away’.

Pisces Horoscope January 18th 2019

You could be feeling under scrutiny. People are asking questions and will not stop prying. These questions could be about your health or your finance. Maybe even both. This might make the thought of running away very appealing. What could draw attention away from you is the revelation that a close friend has found new employment or achieved a well earned promotion. This could have an effect on both you.

Pisces Horoscope January 17th 2019

A plan or strategy which you’ve been relying upon maybe unraveling or it could be finances are diminishing quicker than expected. This maybe because you have received inaccurate directions or perhaps you still need to discover more about the subject. Either way you’re feeling energetic and wanting to progress. Channel your energy. You might be able to help a friend or colleague who’s struggling. This could lead you to unexpected solutions regarding your own predicament.

Pisces Horoscope January 16th 2019

Today you might feel in the mood for something new – a new phone or even a new car! New people may move in nearby. Additional avenues and lines of communication could be useful today, particularly if you’re currently investigating something. It’s probably an ideal day for testing yourself or even testing your skills.

Pisces Horoscope January 15th 2019

You might be doing significantly better than usual when it comes to your finances, and you may want to tell a number of people all about it. However, revealing too much to others probably won’t be one of your best ideas! A loan that initially seemed attractive could start to worry you, and you might even want to see someone to go over the ‘small print’. On a more positive note, good news in your love life may make you want to celebrate.

Pisces Horoscope January 14th 2019

It’s possible that a list of questions you’ve complied – most likely regarding an upcoming event - has made a number of individuals worried they’ve let you down. Whilst you are after the best possible work, your pursuit makes others feel inadequate. When the moon is full (16.16 GMT) the possible breakdown of relationships will be most evident. As you are a sensitive person, your stress could become expressed through your hand writing.