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Pisces Horoscope July 22nd 2019

A person who is close to you might be struggling to deal with a problem. You could feel like you are unable to help and that they should contact an expert instead. Perhaps taking them to a place of historical significance will help. You may also be feeling concerned about someone younger than yourself. Additionally, a colleague could ask for your advice.

Pisces Horoscope July 21st 2019

Today you could be at the ‘crossroads’ of a situation, unsure of whether you should get involved or walk away. Think about this carefully, as it will probably be hard to change your mind once you have chosen a ‘path’. This might not be the only thing that you are feeling confused about. Although you probably feel uncomfortable to do so, it may be best to talk to someone about it.

Pisces Horoscope July 20th 2019

Today you might breathe a sigh of relief as a large deadline is met. You may not be the only one feeling a sense of relief either. However, responsibilities and commitments could feel important today, or even in question. This is likely to include your financial responsibilities, amongst others. You might have to look after a dependent – they may be a great deal older or a great deal younger than you. In terms of relationships, an opportunity might present itself whereby you can tell the other person if you’re ready for commitment or not.

Pisces Horoscope July 19th 2019

Today you might feel like standing still and being still. You could be making decisions with your heart, but allow your brain to have an input as well. A close friend may have something very important to add to one of your deals or decisions. News that you get from home could give you a few things to think about.

Pisces Horoscope July 18th 2019

You might feel that it is important to increase your ‘emotional base’, which may mean you really want to have a party. It’s likely that you’ll be looking for something romantic, and someone mysterious could catch your eye. You may also feel the need to move with your emotions and appreciate something old that brings up past memories and makes you feel more reminiscent.

Pisces Horoscope July 17th 2019

You might hit the ‘extremes’ of your emotions. You may also have a strong desire to party (more than once!). At the opposite end of the spectrum, you could feel totally ‘exhausted’ and ‘drained’, so much so that you start to pay less attention to others. This might just be you going into ‘survival mode’. A friend who is known for being calm and keeping secrets may empathise with you and help you to restore equilibrium in your life.

Pisces Horoscope July 16th 2019

Today could be interesting. It might work out great if you have an important role at a function. Alternatively, it may be a good day for beating a personal best in one of your sporting hobbies. However, bureaucracy and red tape could be stopping you from doing what you want. Someone’s pettiness may really get on your nerves.