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Sagittarius Horoscope February 19th 2020

Your love of luxurious and expensive items could push your finances to the limit. Alternatively, you might see it as paying higher prices for better quality; and that you’re getting a good deal on what could be a good investment. However, not understanding all of the costs that are involved may concern you. Some of your friends might be able to support you (emotionally) and help you to regain perspective.

Sagittarius Horoscope February 18th 2020

A person who is close to you could be trying very hard to please you. You might also be looking for an adventure that both of you would enjoy. This may involve some travelling. However, it is perhaps the case that friends would like to visit you, and bring the ‘partying’ to your doorstep! Both professional and personal partnerships seem likely to strengthen.

Sagittarius Horoscope February 17th 2020

You could have heard some good news which you are dying to reveal to the people around you. However, there is a chance that you haven’t yet got the full picture, so bear this in mind before you spill all the beans. Someone who is good with words might be putting you under tremendous pressure to fill them in. On a very different note, something could make your partner feel inspired, meaning they want to make some changes at home.

Sagittarius Horoscope February 16th 2020

You might need to return to the ‘starting blocks’, particularly with property matters. Costs and/or prices may also need revising. You could overhear a conversation that will make you aware of some new opportunities. Being conveniently close to a market may increase your passion for fashion; and you might find someone’s manner very alluring.

Sagittarius Horoscope February 15th 2020

A person who you felt you were on the same wavelength with might leave you feeling let down or even defeated. You may find it very difficult to contain your anger. This person might not explain themselves very well, hence a referee could be necessary. Additionally, there may be an issue with the ownership of something, possibly property. On a positive note, you might bump into someone whilst on your travels; this person will probably make you laugh or even change your perspective on things.

Sagittarius Horoscope February 14th 2020

You thought you knew exactly how someone else behaves - but it turns out you’re completely wrong. Their behavior might be particularly uncharacteristic. If it is, you should try to understand their motives. Perhaps they’ve been so focused on a goal they’ve come unstuck. For a moment you could find yourself ‘steering the ship’. It’s important you keep cool. You might need to contact the ‘right’ people. The people around you will see you in a new light.

Sagittarius Horoscope February 13th 2020

You could be very willing to take action today, and there’s nothing wrong with feeling like that. Remain mindful of your pace and your willingness to succeed. Don’t let haste be the cause of any accidents. You probably show no mercy along the way. However, people who take a more cautious approach may seem to be a hindrance. Remember that their approach may be just as effective as yours. You’re well ready for a competition.