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Scorpio Horoscope July 4th 2020

You might feel temporarily stagnated by a creative person who doesn’t have the guts to see things through. You may even be required to point out the importance of honouring their word. On a slightly negative note, you could get a sharp reminder about your financial commitments when a letter comes through the door from the credit card company.

Scorpio Horoscope July 3rd 2020

Today could be the time to stock up and prepare for the push tomorrow. You’ll need all your faculties so taking time to prepare is a good idea. A friend in need is most likely in need of your help – this could be simply lending a sympathetic ear or a sturdy shoulder to lean on. A hectic schedule could threaten well made plans but the key will be in remaining calm and prioritizing. Displaying your leadership skills will certainly get the attention of colleagues and maybe even a possible suitor.

Scorpio Horoscope July 2nd 2020

Today you could find out some news that is likely to ‘pull at your heart strings’; hence making it difficult to tell to someone else. Perhaps you feel like it is not quite time for someone younger than yourself to hear the news, and therefore ‘put off’ telling them until the time is more appropriate. On a different note, romantic secrets could be revealed.

Scorpio Horoscope July 1st 2020

You may receive good news about your finances today, it might also effect the finances of a few other people you know. You could want to plan a party today, which will probably be work-related. The day becomes even better when something that you’ve been saying is confirmed. On a potentially negative note, you might need to think about what you are eating and change your diet.

Scorpio Horoscope June 30th 2020

Today you might be feeling in the mood for something new, or at minimum a fresh approach to things. This is particularly noticeable when it comes to your finances. It may be a good idea to check how much you are paying for services like your mobile phone and the internet. It could also be a good idea to speak to friends that used to live nearby but have since moved further afield. It might be worth trying to bring a team closer together.

Scorpio Horoscope June 29th 2020

It’s likely that there are big advantages to working in a partnership with someone. Interestingly, a crazy partnership might be of benefit! Someone with an understanding and attitude that you appreciate may give you a very useful suggestion for helping you achieve your goals. Something innovative could catch your eye. It might be an up and coming item that you can grab at bargain price.

Scorpio Horoscope June 28th 2020

You might have to help someone younger than yourself to deal with a problem. You may not give them a solution, but you’ll be very happy to have been asked for your opinion. You could be able to help them in some way. Both of you might have to share a secret, or exchange comical but sensitive information. You may sort out a transport-related problem, the charming way in which you did it could even mean an upgrade or refund.