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Scorpio Horoscope July 22nd 2019

Two different friends could play a major role today. One of them is an idealist, whilst the other is super-focussed. Both appear to have picked up on your desire to make alterations in the home that will positively impact your business – maybe something to do with an office in your home? However, the main priority of the day could be planning a surprise for the near future.

Scorpio Horoscope July 21st 2019

Financial problems may be worrying the people close to you, and this might be visible to you. It could cause relationships to be strained throughout the day. As a result, you may be entering into quarrels with those people affected by the financial situation. On top of this, someone that you know well but doesn’t live with you may want you to listen to their problems.

Scorpio Horoscope July 20th 2019

You may receive good news about your finances today, it might also effect the finances of a few other people you know. You could want to plan a party today, which will probably be work-related. The day becomes even better when something that you’ve been saying is confirmed. On a potentially negative note, you might need to think about what you are eating and change your diet.

Scorpio Horoscope July 19th 2019

You might feel like a friend has done (or set up) something wonderful for you; this could involve something romantic. You may also be making a conscious effort to find the ‘nicer side of life’. However, nice things usually have big price tags, so shopping might prove expensive! Something related to music or the arts could have a big impact. You may meet someone who is likeminded but much more passionate about a show or concert.

Scorpio Horoscope July 18th 2019

An issue with family finances could be important today. Perhaps someone younger needs your (financial) help, but you need to know that others around you are also willing to help. You might find yourself getting into a conversation about your long-term plans, which leads you to think about why you recently lost interest in something that you have put a great amount of energy and effort into.

Scorpio Horoscope July 17th 2019

It seems likely that you’re tempted to go ‘all out’ in one area. Just make sure that you take a calculated risk, as the consequences could be severe if it goes wrong. Additionally, you might be part of some sort of group who is also planning a bold move. However, it could be the case that someone else needs to ‘hold you back’.

Scorpio Horoscope July 16th 2019

One of your good friends could tell you that it’s time to sort yourself out. This may well be welcome advice. Family is probably an important theme today. Someone in the family might remind you of a promise that you haven’t yet delivered on, but you might not mind them bringing this up. Your risk-taking side may be used in a more positive way than ever before. Good teamwork could earn you some praise.