Justice is regarded as the eleventh card in the Major Arcana of Tarot Cards, which comprises of twenty-two cards in total.

The Story behind Justice

The Fool is now feeling a little misguided and disillusioned, unsure of what path he should take. At a crossroads he sees that two brothers want the opinion of a wise woman. They want to know how they should split their inheritance. One of the brothers has all of the inheritance and the other has none of it.

The woman tells them that they should split it equally, so that one will not be as wasteful and the other one will have enough. Although the brothers aren’t happy with the decision, The Fool recognises that it was fair, and asks the woman why she made that decision. The woman explains why she did that, which causes The Fool to realise that he has been too one-sided, neglecting his spiritual side and focussing too much on worldly matters.

Meaning of The Justice Tarot Card

In everyday life, justice has a very specific meaning. It relates to the law and order which imposes certain laws, rules and guidelines. People who do not stay within these laws are punished. However, The Justice Tarot Card refers to something far bigger and more general, it encapsulates worldly laws but also refers to the rules that govern everything. Like today’s systems of justice, people who do not abide by the rules are punished.

There are two main Universal laws that stem from this tarot card. Firstly, everything that one does has a consequence, even if the consequence is far into the future. Secondly, actions come around full circle – if you do bad to someone else then expect it to come back to you. The repercussions may happen a long time after you did someone else wrong. In short, it is important that you think about each and every action and also look at how you judge others.