The Moon

The Moon is regarded as the eighteenth card in the Major Arcana of Tarot Cards, which comprises of twenty-two cards in total.

The Story behind The Moon

Whilst following the star, The Moon starts to illuminate a path for The Fool. He starts to feel somewhat unbalanced and unsettled, and passes through two pillars into somewhere completely different. He realises that he is finding everything that he was searching for – he has entered a dark, mysterious land. He is seeing the things that scare him the most, this new land is full of crazy people and beasts. The Moon’s path has become a river, and The Fool is stood in the middle. He sees a boat with no controls, and decides to get in it and be led by The Moon, which seems to be the right decision.

Meaning of The Moon Tarot Card

The face of this card has a dog and a wolf on it, both looking at the sky, more specifically, looking at The Moon. It’s ironic that the card uses both a dog and a wolf since they are so closely related, but one is a domestic pet and one is a wild animal. As the dog and the wolf think in very different ways, the way they look at the moon is also very different. This is the same for people; different people interpret The Moon in different ways.

Although The Moon is a reflector of light and is quite bright, it is surrounded by darkness. Therefore, this tarot card can have both positive and negative connotations. On the positive side it is related to creativity and light. On the negative side it is related to tricks and illusions. You must trust your inner self as the guidance of The Moon is much more subtle than the guidance of the sun.