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Taurus Horoscope May 19th 2022

You could be feeling under scrutiny. People are asking questions and will not stop prying. These questions could be about your health or your finance. Maybe even both. This might make the thought of running away very appealing. What could draw attention away from you is the revelation that a close friend has found new employment or achieved a well earned promotion. This could have an effect on both you.

Taurus Horoscope May 18th 2022

You will have a chance to shine and show people around you just how talented you are. Friends and colleagues will look towards you for answers. However, it’s your ability to organise and lead people that will make the most impact. Embrace any opportunity to work with a new member of the team, as you’ll gain fresh ideas – this could lead you to new experiences too. A partner or friend’s news will make you happy.

Taurus Horoscope May 17th 2022

Today there could be a significant twist or turn in your financial life. Additionally, you may feel more comfortable to talk about something that, on another day, you would have probably kept to yourself. On a separate note, you might bump into a salesperson who sells you something that you’ve actually wanted for a long time. In terms of your romantic life, you might also get something or someone that you’ve been wanting for a while!

Taurus Horoscope May 16th 2022

Another big day for the more artistic side of you, namely fashion and style. However, you might have to deal with some illusions today; maybe you’re not sure where you stand with a friend. They could expect you to take their side if they’ve done something wrong, which may involve shielding the truth from others. An anonymous piece of writing might be shrouded in mystery.

Taurus Horoscope May 15th 2022

You could feel like someone you know is sending you mixed messages, and that you are finding it extremely difficult to please them. A relationship might fall apart at the seams. However, you’re feeling humble, forgiving and apologetic, and the other person is likely to be feeling similar. Some of the people you know could be feeling a bit out of tune emotionally, and these are the ones you are likely to have issues with.

Taurus Horoscope May 14th 2022

You may be struggling to communicate in a different way, and it might seem like more effort than it’s worth. For example, you might send out the wrong message with a change of clothing. You could decipher a code wrongly. A person close to you may be sending out signals that you are misinterpreting. Today you could make errors trying to read and understand the simplest of messages. Try not to take the day too seriously!

Taurus Horoscope May 13th 2022

A surprise that has been in the pipeline may well be revealed today, but after a short analysis, it might turn out to be more costly than enjoyable. Your trip to the shops could put a large dent in the bank balance. Today you might want a taste of the finer things in life, and you are willing to spoil yourself to get them. The retail therapy might be your way of dealing with people that are annoying you at the moment.