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Taurus Horoscope February 18th 2020

Don’t be surprised if you alarm your close friends and family when revealing a new idea or decision that you’ve been considering for some time. Don’t be incredulous if they react oddly to the change, as change forces people to reassess what they once thought was stable and predictable. A change in direction can be very positive – just make sure you’re serious about it.

Taurus Horoscope February 17th 2020

A challenging time at work couldn’t be worse timed as you’re caught feeling under the weather. Whilst not being at 100% might frustrate you, everyone else will be blown away by the effort you’re putting in. A conversation could bring you into contact with a new group of people that excite you – you’re all on the same wavelength, and now you can’t wait to begin work. Training for a sporting event could provide you with the focus you require. Let the positive vibes flow!

Taurus Horoscope February 16th 2020

Although it’s unlikely that you’re the best person at making lists, getting through a bunch of chores could make someone’s day, particularly if they are known for being organised. You might also receive good news from a family member who is either older or younger than yourself. Someone may ask you to look after some old documents that are ‘valuable’ in one way or another.

Taurus Horoscope February 15th 2020

You might wear something a bit out of the ordinary with the aim of getting noticed. You could have already attracted attention from someone else. However, don’t stop there; give them a little peek at your inner beauty so that they realise that there is much more to you than meets the eye. You may be feeling original and inventive in several areas of your life, hence you might crave adventure or even make a little mischief.

Taurus Horoscope February 14th 2020

You usually find quality items very attractive, but they often have a large price tag to accompany them. However, today you may be more shrewd, meaning you walk away from certain items and resist pressures to buy. Your (financially) sensible side might come to the fore. You’re unlikely to buy items that you don’t need or that you won’t use. That being said, a relative could cause you to incur quite a large expense, meaning that you have to talk to them about it.

Taurus Horoscope February 13th 2020

Your brain may not be working as efficiently as usual today. Anything from home design to helping your child with their homework to planning your daily budget might seem unusually taxing. You could possibly benefit from some ‘brain training’ to sharpen up your mind. You shouldn’t find it hard to come to a solution, but explaining to someone how you got the answer may be more difficult! There could be a reason to feel grateful towards one of your friends.

Taurus Horoscope February 12th 2020

Whilst you might not want to enter into a power struggle, you might be unable to tolerate someone else’s approach to working. For those who question the upheaval you should tell them it’s because of your dedication to the work. In a period of conflict and stress your family will offer security and a source of happiness. A reliance on loved ones could strengthen relationships. Treating your family to an extravagant homemade meal could be the perfect way to thank them for their support.