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Virgo Horoscope September 17th 2020

Today there seems to be mischief and mayhem everywhere. It could feel like nothing is going to plan. However, everything seems to be done in good humour, which makes it all tolerable, and even comical at times. This evening will likely be indulgent, revolving round some kind of party.

Virgo Horoscope September 16th 2020

Today you might encounter a number of tests, particularly when it comes to your job and your finances. You might also realise that you’re pretty good at one of your hobbies. However, you’re progress is probably limited by your current equipment. On a completely different note, someone that thinks your messing them about could put their foot down. They’re very likely to make their feelings and expectations very clear to you.

Virgo Horoscope September 15th 2020

Today you might breathe a sigh of relief as a large deadline is met. You may not be the only one feeling a sense of relief either. However, responsibilities and commitments could feel important today, or even in question. This is likely to include your financial responsibilities, amongst others. You might have to look after a dependent – they may be a great deal older or a great deal younger than you. In terms of relationships, an opportunity might present itself whereby you can tell the other person if you’re ready for commitment or not.

Virgo Horoscope September 14th 2020

You crave adventure and may seriously consider going abroad in the near future. An old friend from the past wants you to meet someone close to them. There’s a very important anniversary to celebrate, which has great meaning for you.

Virgo Horoscope September 13th 2020

You may have been assembling a plan for some time, and now it’s ready to be implemented. This could take someone born under a water sign particularly by surprise, as they may have underestimated your ability to organise complex procedures. Take pride in not only unveiling your plan but also in carrying it out with speed and precision. By expanding your horizon, it is very likely you will come into contact with people from further away.

Virgo Horoscope September 12th 2020

You’re dying to get out of the daily monotony, but it could seem like you have nowhere to go. You might want to wear one of your more unusual pieces of clothing today, as a way of feeling a bit different from normal. Maybe you feel like doing some exercise. It may be a good day for ‘working out’ on your finances as well, by checking your accounts and analysing the various banking options available. A person you know well might be worrying over a major decision they need to make; and this extra worry is making you want to get out even more.

Virgo Horoscope September 11th 2020

You could find that you are deeply involved in your own thoughts today. You will surely find disturbances a particular annoyance and even a source of anguish. A person born under Scorpio may be so involved in their own plans they fail to take you into consideration. Whilst it’s tempting to speak up, the chances of over-reacting is high - you could say something you later regret. Try to see the situation more objectively.