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If horoscopes aren't enough.

If horoscopes aren't quite enough for you, then you also have a direct link to psychics who can offer you great advise dependent on your star sign. So why not call one of our brilliant psychics who can offer you the advise that you need. Using your star sign they give you horoscopes that are tailored to you, and your own persona reading. There are always times when we just need to know what is going to happen (even with horoscopes!), and our psychics try and make this as simple as possible for you, who knows when they dark handsome man will appear for you.

How about some tarot astrology?

If a psychic and horoscopes arn't for you, then you may like to have the chance to learn all about tarot cards. Tarot cards are similar to horoscopes in that they predict your future, but it is done by reading certain cards that are dealt, usually by a reader. Whilst they may not be strictly horoscopes, there link to the psychic world is extremely important, and anyone who has got a feeling their world can be enhanced by horoscopes could really benefit from a tarot reading. For something that originally became popular in the 1700s you can see how accurate people believe tarot can be, and whilst they are not strictly horoscopes, you can find out various ways to get a tarot reading right here!

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All about Cancer

21st June – 23rd July

People with the Cancer Star Sign are born between the 22nd June and the 23rd July. Cancer’s element is water, it has a negative charge and it’s ruling planet is the Moon. Many Cancerians pretend to be tough, but really they are little softies! They like old items, and they may even like to collect these old items themselves. They usually don’t like to venture too far from home. View your horoscope!

Chinese Calendar

The Chinese calendar's years are all named after animals. The legend says that Lord Buddah ordered all the animals to go to him before he left earth; Only twelve turned up and each one was given a year in the order that they arrived.

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Saturday 2nd March 2024

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Someone very close to you may have made some suggestions for change that you strongly disagree with. This could cause strain in more than one of your relationships, which might make for a tense atmosphere at home. On top of this, you may receive a letter by post that you don't particularly appreciate. It seems likely that it will be a busy day.

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