Aquarius Money Advice

In many ways, Aquarians can be seen as ‘free spirits’. They do not like to be pinned down and are quite complex because they have a variety of different opinions which can sometimes be seen as contradictory. They are very much interested by fresh, new directions and ideas. Aquarians have little respect for cash, and unlike most of the other signs in the Zodiac, they do not much care if their notes and coins are not in order.

Aquarians’ disregard for cash covers up the fact that they are actually good at handling finances if they turn their attention in that direction. When they are feeling ‘that way out’, they can be excellent at handling expenses, savings and investments. Unfortunately finance is usually a subject that bores them. It might be frustrating for another sign to speak to an Aquarian about finance, as one day they might be very interested in it, whereas the next it seems like the last thing that they want to discuss!

Anyone that plans to give them (professional or non-professional) financial advice should remember that Aquarians generally have short attention spans, particularly with regards to financial matters. Although they like ethical banking, they also like the idea of an ‘exclusive’ bank account. This is probably because they have so many seemingly conflicting views on a variety of different subjects. Their saving is just like their spending: erratic. Sometimes they will save on a regular basis, only to eventually grow bored and maybe even take the money out to spend!

Unsurprisingly, Aquarians do not make good financial partners. They like to ‘do their own thing’ and it is likely that their erratic behaviour would quickly irritate the other party. As Aquarians like to be free and independent, there’s a strong possibility that a partnership with them would be ‘a sinking ship’.

Aquarians like to be self-employed because they are ‘their own boss’ and no one else has (much) control of their situation. They are also creative and good negotiators. As long as they keep focussed on their current business, they can do very well as entrepreneurs. The largest problem for Aquarians, as you might have gathered, is inconsistency. They have a wide range of skills but unfortunately many of their skills come in short burst then disappear for a while. That being said, they are intuitive and can often ‘leverage’ small pieces of information and use them to make intelligent choices.