Capricorn Profile

Symbol: The Goat
Element: Earth
Group: Theoretical
Polarity: Negative
Favourite Colors: Brown
Chinese Symbol: Ox
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Cross/Quality: Cardinal
House Ruled: Tenth
Opposite Sign: Cancer
Lucky Gem: Onyx
Period: Dec 22nd - Jan 19th
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Famous Capricorn

Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart
Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton
Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey
Will Young
Will Young

Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn and it’s element is Earth. Capricorns are some of the biggest achievers, both in life and business. Unlike most of the other signs in the zodiac, Capricorns generally fall into two categories. There are significant differences between the two different kinds.

One type of Capricorn is a very high achiever. They always have their eyes on the finish line, and will make sure that they get there, no matter how long it takes. The other type is far less willing to move, and is not particularly concerned with achievement. Often, they have little motivation to move out of their comfort zone. This type often needs a push in the right direction from someone else.

Both types of Capricorns are persistent and determined, hence they almost always manage to reach their goals, even if it takes a long time. They are both good at the hardest part, the starting; and are also realistic about time frames. Many Capricorns struggle to find a balance between work and play, as they find it easy to get far too engrossed in their working lives. They can also place too much importance and emotional dependence on their working lives.

Capricorns are rarely content with their success until they reach the very top. This has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, they can willingly and competently take on new tasks. Despite setbacks, Capricorns will keep moving towards their goal. On the other hand, the quest for success can mean that they are never satisfied until they reach the very top.

Capricorns, like goats (their symbol) are willing to take unconventional approaches, both in their love lives and their work life. People that marry Capricorns usually help their Capricorn partner to achieve a balance in their life by giving them the love and affection that they need.

Most Capricorns have excellent organisational skills. They are fascinating because they work so ridiculously hard but still manage to be fresh and interesting. Their sense of humour is erratic and unusual. Money, success, prestige and everything that comes with it are a Capricorns greatest motivating factors. However, few will admit that they are love plays a very important role in their lives.

When a Capricorn enters into a new relationship, they like to play it cool and keep their ‘barriers’ up. However, under this calm and collected exterior is a warm and sensitive side which they will reveal once they feel comfortable. They will be extremely loving and loyal to their partners; it takes a great deal to make a Capricorn look for someone else whilst still in their current relationship. In addition to this, they have a long recovery period if a relationship breaks down. Some people will brush their shoulders off and move on, Capricorns rarely find it that easy.

There are three things that most Capricorns take seriously: work, family and their pastimes. You may be surprised to see that Capricorns approach their pastimes with the same energy and passion that they give to their jobs. Family is also very important, and they take their family responsibilities very seriously. However, because Capricorns spend so much time at work, some don’t spend a sufficient amount of time with their families.

In business, Capricorns have a few great advantages. Their diplomacy keeps relationships healthy, both in the office and with customers. Capricorns take decisions seriously and are usually good at making them. If they make a wrong decision, they will take valuable lessons from it, and they rarely repeat their mistakes. Some Capricorns focus too much on the smaller tasks, a business partner with a little more charisma may be a great addition to their business.