Taurus Profile

Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Group: Emotional
Polarity: Negative
Favourite Colors: Pink
Chinese Symbol: Snake
Ruling Planet: Venus
Cross/Quality: Fixed
House Ruled: Second
Opposite Sign: Scorpio
Lucky Gem: Emerald
Period: Apr 20th - May 20th
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Famous Taurus

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson
Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson
Al Pacino
Al Pacino
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba
Uma Thurman
Uma Thurman

Taurus’ element is Earth, and it’s ruling planet is Venus. Taurus is a very unique star sign, and stands out from the rest of the signs in the zodiac. On the exterior, Taureans appear very calm and composed. Socially they are very interesting. Although they are known for being highly sociable, Taureans rarely let people get close. They usually dictate the closeness of a friendship. If a Taurus wants to keep you at ‘arms-length’, you’ll struggle to get in any closer!

When a Taurus is uninterested in someone and/or their opinion, they’ll find it extremely difficult to influence and communicate effectively with the Taurus. You could even compare it to talking to a brick wall, with no movement whatsoever!

Taureans are often seen as being reserved. Although they have deep feelings and fears much like everyone else, the true depth of their feelings is very rarely revealed. Their daily activities conceal their true spirit. Because Taureans hide their true spirit, sometimes others see them as being stuck-up and even uninteresting.

Running On Autopilot

Many people with the Taurus star sign like to run on ‘autopilot’. This makes it easy for them to detach themselves from the outer world and concentrate more on their inner selves. However, Taureans certainly don’t think of this as a negative. Switching off from exterior pressures can help them to feel positive. They don’t like change because it forces them to confront the outer world.

As Taureans like comfort, they don’t like to leave anything to chance. They try to master their own destiny. If they can change future outcomes, they will. This helps them to maintain their comfort zone and remain in their own world.

Taurus Money Advice and Horoscope

You’ll find that many Taureans appear to have a great love for money. This is because money helps them to feel comfortable; it’s easier to stay in autopilot if you don’t have to worry about the bills. People with the Taurus star sign are usually intelligent, and they like practical jobs that pay well.

Taureans are usually great in relationships, both in friendships and with romantic partners. They are great as lovers because patience and sensuality is at the centre of many Taureans. However, as they got older, the partner of someone with a Taurus star sign may begin to see them as boring. This is because many Taurus’ enjoy their own company and are happy to stay in by themselves every night.

Others with the Taurus star sign are quite creative. They may display this creativity in both their working and non-working life. Taureans usually have real talent, and also know what they are talking about. If you get into an argument with a Taurus, make sure you can back up your arguments, or you’ll quickly lose!

The core elements in all aspects of a Taurean’s life are security and comfort. This makes them good friends and good partners, as long as they’re happy to let you in their lives. Things that disrupt their comfort zones can be seen as threatening. Their love of comfort sometimes means that they are not particularly ambitious. However, Taureans should not be underestimated from a business viewpoint, they’ll happily keep the cogs oiled behind the scenes, and expect little recognition in return.

Taurus Sensuality

Their sensuality means that they pay great attention to their senses. Taureans love to be surrounded with lovely smells, but can’t live with smells that they don’t like. They also like good design and are particular about colours. People with the Taurus star sign are usually happy to work a little bit harder to afford the finer things. Their sensuousness means that they have a deep love for (sometimes expensive) material goods and is reflected in their Taurus Horoscope.