Taurus Food and Health

Strong and dependable, the Bull is a true do-er. If there’s a job to be done, a Taurean will carry on until it’s finished. With their humility and loyalty, the Bull is highly respected and has many loving friends.

Taurus Health

Because Taurean people have such a strong and admirable work ethic, they can often work themselves too hard and into a state of exhaustion. Even when others insist they stop for a rest, the Bull pushes on. The zodiac sign of Taurus controls the throat of the body, from the mouth down to the stomach; and because of this they can often find themselves susceptible to coughs, colds and even losing their voice.

Taureans need to take care of themselves just as much as the next person. However, convincing a stubborn Bull of this takes some serious persuasion skills, since they have a tendency not to listen and their pride often gets in the way. Don’t be surprised if elderly Bulls still want to be putting up shelves, digging out bushes in the garden and scaling the ladder up to the loft. Whilst it’s heartwarming to see them still lively as ever, it’s important they realise they’re more prone to injury.

Taurus Food

It’s not uncommon for Taureans to have a sweet tooth – in fact, it’s almost a certainty. Whilst they deserve a treat after a hard days slog, they must at least still look after their teeth. What a Bull needs is hearty and nutritious food. The cell salt most beneficial for Taureans is Sodium Sulphite. This salt is considered good for regulating water in the body. Foods that contain this salt also make perfect additions to an already well balanced diet. Leafy greens, such as lettuce, kale and spinach are high in Sodium Sulphate, as are turnips, onions, egg yolks, mixed nuts and seafood. So there’s lots to choose from!