Taurus Home & Health

Possible characteristics of an Taurus child

Taurus is the second sign in the Zodiac but the first out of the earth signs. From an early age you might see that your child really appreciates what they have and what is around them, as Taureans are known for being great appreciators of their surroundings, including the people around them. They also like natural things so it might be beneficial to bring them out to the countryside and parks.

You may also begin to notice that your Taurean child loves anything that brings them happiness and pleasure. Just like the bull, they are sturdy and steady. Although they are naturally very loving (love will become more important as they get older since Venus rules this sign), cross them at your peril! You might be surprised at how they react when they are angry. It is important that their parents help them to control their tempers and not overreact.

Taureans are careful when it comes to choosing friends and like to have ‘friends for life’. Even from a young age, some children born under this star sign will be able to ‘count their real friends on one hand’, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Taureans usually take a while to adjust to change, and some people mistakenly accuse them of being stubborn. In reality they just like the security of knowing what to expect.

Health and Eating

The part of the body that is associated with the Taurus star sign is the throat (and surrounding areas such as the palate). When a Taurean is stressed they can easily develop a sore throat or even a sore neck. They are also known for loving sweets and desserts. However, as Taureans are not the most energetic of the star signs, they can quickly become overweight through over-eating and doing an insufficient amount of exercise. Although it probably won’t come naturally, it is essential for a Taurean to have a healthy, balanced diet.

Please note: The following is NOT professional dietary advice.

In the right quantities, sodium is very important for the body. However, many people have too much sodium because they eat salty foods (salt is a type of sodium). The following foods are some excellent natural sources of sodium: fresh fruit and vegetables including cranberries, the ‘greens’, spinach, beans, onions and pumpkins. Also (uncooked) nuts, most types of seafood, eggs and liver.