Leo Food and Health

No one’s as striking or as domineering as the Lion. Leos are known for their pizzazz and an unwavering courage that never falters in the face of adversity. Yet, in private the Lion is a sensitive creature with a big heart and full of loving tenderness.  

Leo Health

Being the king of the jungle means people look towards the Lion in troublesome times. Whilst this a great honor for them, being a leader can often takes its toll too – yet this is rarely show in public. The sign of Leo rules the heart and spine of the body, which is why the Lion is so strong. But under constant strain they can falter. And a lion without their heart or spine struggles to be a leader.

Persuading a Leo to rest and recover is almost impossible; they’re so full of pride. They’d rather battle on and collapse than retreat. Yet this is exactly what they must be convinced of doing when their health is threatened. Times like these can be particularly stressful for concerned family members.

Leo Food

 Leos enjoy a rich and varied diet; often with a tendency of eating meat and fish too much if anything.  The enjoyment of food often makes the best cooks and Leos are certainly not a disappointment. Often Leos enjoy preparing meals that bring the whole family together. They’re favorite types are when the food is placed in the centre of the table and everyone helps themselves. Leos often have a big appetite – which is fine when they are younger and active, but aging Leos will need to watch what they eat.

The cell salt most beneficial for Leos is Magnesium Phosphate, which is considered to be good for rejuvenating muscle and nerve tissue. Foods that contain this salt are the following: Seasonal vegetables and leafy greens, mixed nuts, whole wheat products, fresh fruit, and meat. With plenty of food groups to choose from, there’s plenty for a rich and diverse diet.