Leo Home & Health

Possible characteristics of a Leo child

Leo is a fire sign and the fifth star sign in the Zodiac. Leo children enjoying bringing happiness to themselves and to others. They normally go through their lives concentrating on becoming more creative, but never losing their fun side and keeping a bit of time for ‘play’ as well as work. Leo babies are often very happy from an early age. This is because they love getting attention from their parents and those close to them. You’ll normally find that they are good at getting it!

It is important to note that the exact characteristics of your child (and how strong each characteristic is), will very much depend on the position of both the moon and other planets when your child was born.

From a very early age, your Leo child will expect you to realise that they love being the centre of attention and getting people’s undivided attention. Leo children tend to like the sun and colours associated with it i.e. yellows, golds and oranges. They are often very impressed with expensive item. Part of your role as a parent may involve showing them that, although it is good to be a ‘go-getter’, it is important to analyse the situation first.

Leos tend to grow up having their hearts in the right place and standing up for what is right. They like to have family and friends close and will treat them well. However, Leos can be quite headstrong and hate losing arguments. You might have to teach your child that sometimes they get things wrong and there is no shame in admitting it. As long as they feel appreciated, Leos are known to give it ‘their all’ and stick at things until completion. It may be a good idea to teach your child not to take themselves too seriously.

Health and Eating

Leo’s body parts are the heart and the back (including the spine) – this is said to make them warm-hearted and courageous. Sometimes Leos get sore backs from expecting too much from themselves and maybe others.

Please note: The following is NOT professional dietary advice.

The correct amounts of magnesium phosphate are particularly important for a Leo. It helps to activate enzymes used in digestion and prevent the blood from getting too thick. Good foods include: nuts such as almonds, seeds such as sunflower seeds, whole wheat products, seafood, fresh fruit, and meat such as beef and lamb, to name a few.