Libra Food and Health

Libras are gentle people who want what’s best for both them and their friends and family. Seeking balance in life, Libras seek adventure yet without the reckless approach. Planning is a friend of the Libra, as are partnerships with individuals who have proved to be trustworthy.

Libra Health

Libras are very sensitive people who generally take very good care of themselves. Because they live a calm, or at least a consider life, Libras are not known to put themselves in perilous danger. Many enjoy a good bout of physical exercise, especially outdoor activities such mountaineering, climbing or sailing. Such activities help keep the waist band in check, whilst also testing them mentally too. However, Libras have a tendency to overwork themselves, especially when deadlines are approaching. And they can be the first people to begin forfeiting meals in order to save time.  

The zodiac sign of Libra rules the kidneys and the lower back. These areas of the body are prone to pain and injury if emotions get overwhelming. Telltale signs can be simple as back ache or painful kidneys as a result of dehydration.

Libra Food

Perhaps not the best cooks and neither the most adventurous when it comes to trying new foods, yet most Libras eat well, as they recognise the importance of a well balanced and nutritious diet. Known for throwing diner parties in celebration of birthdays, the food might not be cooked to perfection but a Libra will try his or her very hardest.

The cell salt most beneficial for Libras is Sodium Phosphate, as it’s thought to be beneficial with its ability to balance acid/alkaline function in the body, as well as aiding the kidney’s in filtering out unpleasant toxins. This benevolent salt can be found in the following food groups (which will certainly enliven the upcoming meals):  Whole wheat and oatmeal produce, seasonal vegetables, seafood, white meat, low fat dairy produce and lentils and split peas.