Pisces Food and Health

The Fish is a gentle creature, and Pisceans are often known for their understanding and easy going nature. Their willingness to help others makes them popular people and are often the core of friendship groups. Pisceans aren’t always the most confident and won’t actively seek leadership.

Pisces Health

Pisces are often on the go and have extremely busy lives. They like to have multiple projects on the go whilst focusing on a large more time consuming task – this allows them to express collected creative energies. Such activities keep the Piscean mentally stimulated and excited. Pisces often like discussing films, art and all things cultural.

Pisceans are naturally gifted at sport and often experience bursting enthusiasm for a sport, which then wanes quickly. Whilst Pisceans are generally take good care of themselves, a stressful workload can lead them to staying up late and missing meals.

The Zodiac sign of Pisces rules the feet and the immune system of body, so it’s not surprising their quick on their feet and rarely ill. Nevertheless, during emotional distress these are often the first areas of the body to experience discomfort. An inability to shift seemingly insignificant coughs and colds could be the telltale sign of emotional imbalance.

Pisces Food

Pisceans tend to be fussy eaters at a young age but develop into lovers of food once they begin to discover its delights. For them, nothing beats preparing a delicious meal to share with family and friends. Not only do they like the challenge but also find it a perfect way to express their love for loved ones.

Pisceans tend not to have a pronounced sweet tooth, but are often big tea and coffee drinkers. They also like alcoholic verities too.

The salt cell most beneficial for Pisces is Ferrum Phosphate. The salt is used in the creation of hemoglobin, which is required for the transportation of oxygen around the body – in particular, the muscles.  Foods that are rich in this salt are: mixed nuts, beans, lentils and chickpeas, seasonal vegetables, all types of meat, seafood, and dairy products.