Pisces Money Advice

Pisceans generally have a positive attitude towards finance but can feel a bit ‘stuck’ if their finances take a turn for the worse. They value cash highly because they see it as being a bit magical and mystical, tracing back to the fairy tales of their youth. There are many Pisceans who have some sort of lucky coin, and very much believe in the law of attraction when it comes to money. Many Pisceans believe that having money will attract more money and that they will be financially ‘secure’. Sometimes they are a little too idealistic!

Their faith in the cosmos means that many of them do not know exactly how much money they are carrying at a given time. However, a Piscean doesn’t like to walk around with nothing in their purse or wallet. Money brings security and positivity. Their unconventional saving methods (like hiding money somewhere in their house) often leads to them forgetting where they put it. When they find this money, they see it as a massive blessing.

Credit and debit cards can be dangerous in the hands of a Piscean because they don’t see the ‘magic’ that they do in cash. This careless approach can often lead to them spending money on a credit card both unnecessarily and unwisely. After learning the hard way, they might even decide to get rid of these cards altogether and use cash wherever possible.

Pisceans prefer to have cash in their pockets than ‘stored’ in a bank. Therefore, they tend to find budgeting very difficult. After all, it’s much easier to spend cash when it’s in your pocket! They are generous and don’t really worry too much about the cost of things. Although they tend to be lucky with cash and win and inherit small amounts now and again, Pisceans can also spend it very easily.

You might be surprised to hear that Pisceans often make excellent negotiators. They are sometimes prepared to ‘bend the truth’ slightly if it helps them to get a deal. They have two tricks that they use for negotiating: looking for signs of damage or wear and tear and getting a lower price by paying with cash.

Pisceans make strong financial partners providing they find a partner who keeps a handle on finances at all times. They are imaginative yet often hard to control. Business partnerships can have good or bad outcomes, depending on how compatible the other partner is with a Piscean.