Sagittarius Money Advice

It could be said that Sagittarians are dreamers, and this also applies to part of their financial life. It’s likely that they’ll be waiting for and dreaming of some sort of windfall to come their way. They usually enjoy buying tickets for things that have a big prize (but low odds), although the low odds rarely put them off! However, this ‘dreamy’ side is just one element of a Sagittarian’s financial life. Most of them have lots of integrity and do not mind working hard to earn their money.

Sagittarians have quite an interesting approach to money because they like to see it ‘working’. You will rarely find a Sagittarian who is happy to leave their money in one place for a long period of time. It could be said that their money ‘comes and goes’, although they always seem to have some around somewhere! They usually like to have some cash to carry about. The feeling of carrying a significant amount of money excites them, and they are not worried about ‘flashing the cash’. That being said, Sagittarians are often as generous with others as they are with themselves.

Foreign currency is often welcomed by a Sagittarian because they like the novelty of the currency and the new possibilities that it may bring. Most find it very easy to adapt to a foreign currency and clearly understand the exchange rates. Sagittarians place a great importance on knowledge acquisition. However, they rarely care too much about how much they have to pay.

Most Sagittarians are not the best financial negotiators in the world. Often the price is less important than the item itself. If they are in the mood for negotiating, they can make formidable opponents in any deal-making. They will make some good points but will happily walk away from a deal with their head held high, even if it wasn’t the ideal outcome for them. It could be appropriate to describe Sagittarians as reasonable negotiators.

A good characteristic of Sagittarians is that they are not easily intimidated. They are not fazed by big business ideas or large financial institutions. Many Sagittarians are only interested in the short-term, therefore savings accounts and organising their finances for long-term gain can quickly become tiresome. They prefer to put their trust in an established bank and a helpful and trustworthy member of staff. Sagittarians do not like large debts and can be good in a financial partnership providing they have a partner who understands this.