Scorpio Food and Health

A cool exterior hides an intensely calculating individual. Whilst they might not speak volumes, they continually make observations and judgments. In challenging times it is often the Scorpion who comes out on top. Often passionate and completely focused, Scorpions make excellent leaders.

Scorpio Health

Because Scorpions are so focused on work, their spare time is often eaten up, and the opportunities to play sport or go for a walk are forfeited. That said, Scorpions have an ability to exhibit impressive physical prowess from little previous training. Scorpions like to have order in their life, which could be – seemingly paradoxically – order in disorder. Maintaining a personal space, free of anyone else’s influence, is often important to the possessive Scorpion. The zodiac sign of Scorpion rules the reproductive organs, which explains why Scorpions desire such a passionate sex life, but this also makes the victims of severe bouts of jealousy. In periods of emotional turmoil Scorpions can be susceptible to infections and confused sexual libido.

Scorpio Food

Scorpions are food lovers but they don’t always desire the healthiest of foods. Instead they often have a strong sweet tooth that’s hard to ignore and an equally strong craving for junk food. Whilst Scorpions can cook well, they often view the process are time misspent, as it takes them away from their work. Being particularly adept at manipulation, they’re known to happily allow others to cook for them.

The cell salt most beneficial for Scorpions is Calcium Sulphate, which is said to have the ability of rejuvenating tissue, and, preventing infectious diseases. Therefore, the nose, mouth and reproductive organs benefit hugely from a healthy level of this salt. Foods groups that can supply the body with this benevolent salt are: seasonal vegetables and leafy greens, dairy produce, mixed nuts, fresh fruit and whole wheat and wholegrain produce.