Scorpio Money Advice

Generally, Scorpios are excellent at dealing with financial matters. In fact, it could be said that Scorpios are better at handling finances than any of the other Zodiac signs. Not only are they intuitive, but they are also patient. They are usually good at ‘weighing up’ the situation and making an informed decision. However, when they do make their mind up they will strongly follow the path that they chose, putting all of their efforts into a project. Their commitment and determination is admirable.

It is possible that this excellent and almost natural ability to effectively deal with finances comes from an insecurity. If a Scorpio got ‘conned’ in some way when they were young, they are determined that it never happens again. Naturally this means that they have to learn about money and handling finances effectively. It’s hard to find a Scorpio who doesn’t know how much money they are carrying at a given time. Knowing how much money they have on their person helps them to feel in control.

Scorpios tend to love cash; but on the other hand, privacy is very important to them as well. It is very important for them to have their cash stored safely and securely, and they like to diversify risk by not ‘putting all of their eggs in one basket’ – you will usually find that a Scorpio spreads their money about to spread the risk. Familiarity is also important to them, unfamiliar notes and foreign currencies can be looked upon with suspicion!

‘Plastic’ i.e. credit and debit cards are popular with Scorpios because of the discretion involved in using them. Just like they don’t like to open up their wallet in front of other people, they don’t like people to know how much they have in their bank account. Unlike some of the other star signs, Scorpios will happily carry their money about in an old, worn purse or wallet because it represents familiarity. They are unlikely to run up credit card debts and are usually prompt when it comes to repayments.

Scorpios are excellent at getting the best deals through negotiation. A person born under this star sign is a formidable opponent in any type of negotiation, and finance is no different! They will happily get involved in a noisy negotiation. Scorpios can make excellent financial partners as long as they have full trust in the other party. However, if the other party lets them down, the Scorpio will probably cut all ties immediately!