Dragon - Chinese Calendar

The Dragon is the fifth Chinese Horoscope and it�s element is water. The Dragon is considered to be amongst the luckiest of the Chinese Horoscopes. It is also known for being one of the most powerful horoscopes. Dragons are very mystical creatures, renowned for being boisterous and fierce. However, their kindness smothers their fiery natures.

Persistent and determined, dragons will reach their goals, even if the path is treacherous. When they have the target in their sights, they are near unstoppable! Dragons are clear of their goals and know exactly what they are aiming for. They are also charitable and clever. They have a natural allure and charm which means that they often take centre stage amongst their friends and peers. Their charm makes them effective influencers.

Dragons do tend to get good luck in many areas of their lives, but particularly when it comes to love and relationships. It�s no surprise that people born in the year of the Dragon � such a strong, powerful and mystical creature, are usually excellent leaders. Like the Tiger, they are natural born leaders. The uniqueness of the Dragon makes them very innovative and original.

Money is important to a Dragon, and they usually have little trouble accumulating wealth. However, money is not their primary motivator. One of the Dragon�s deepest desires is to gain power, and lots of it. Many Dragons are on a constant quest to amass their power, and truly believe that they are entitled to have it. Some Dragons will spend their lives finding opportunities to increase their power.

The continual quest for power means that Dragons find it easy to not only become a leader, but to stay at the top of their game. As the legends about dragons tell us, cross them at your peril! A Dragon is great until you get on the wrong side of them. You may see a bit of their internal fire when you anger or annoy them, and it�ll make you think twice next time!

Dragons are intelligent and intuitive, but their negative sides can make people perceive them in a bad way. They can be far too intolerant of others, and regularly judge people before really getting to know them. Dragons would greatly benefit from being more understanding and less stuck in their own ways.

The power-hungry Dragon can be very ruthless, constantly looking for ways to advance themselves, sometimes with inadequate consideration for others. Being the leader all the time can have other drawbacks. As Dragons feel like they are in the public eye all the time, they often struggle to really let go and be themselves. This can become restraining and cumbersome, as some dragons never live life the way they really want to.

It is very important for the Dragon to make time for the less majestic aspects of their lives. They should also remember that power is not the be-all and end-all, there are other important things which they should take time to appreciate.

Birth years of the Dragon

The Dragon horoscope can also be broken down into different elements � metal, water, wood, fire and earth. Below are the birth years for each.

Metal Dragon � 8th February 1940 to 26th January 1941 5th February 2000 to 23rd January 2001

Water Dragon � 27th January 1952 to 13th February 1953

Wood Dragon � 16th February 1904 to 3rd February 1905 13th February 1964 to 1st January 1965

Fire Dragon � 3rd February 1916 to 22nd January 1917 31st January 1976 to 17th February 1977

Earth Dragon � 23rd January 1928 to 9th February 1929 17th February 1988 to 5th February 1989

The next year of the Dragon will be in 2012.